Intellect Design Arena – a global leader in Financial Technology for Banking, Insurance and other Financial Services. A uniquely focused Products business, Intellect addresses the needs of financial institutions in varying stages of technology adoption.

Intellect is positioned at the forefront of the digital transformation that global banks are looking for in a connected world. All the company's products are built on the iDigital Platform that makes them scalable, extendable, secure and able to facilitate digital transformation of banking operations and customer experience.

Intellect's robust iDigital platform enables products across four distinct lines of businesses: Global Consumer Banking (iGCB), Risk, Treasury & Markets (iRTM), Global Transaction Banking (iGTB), Central Banking and Insurance (Intellect SEEC). Deep banking domain expertise, coupled with investments of Rs 800 Crores over the last ten years in developing the world's first full spectrum of banking products has made Intellect the company with the most advanced technologies for financial institutions with global businesses.

World's first full spectrum banking products suite

iGCB. The most advanced Consumer Banking Platform built on current technologies. Seamless omnichannel banking with lifecycle assurance optimises first time cost of ownership and technology running costs. Peerless productivity, at 70% lower post implementation costs! Intellect Quantum CBS, the specialist Core Banking Solution for the unique requirements of central banks is trusted by the central banks of India, Seychelles, Ethiopia and now in Europe. The solution deploys a formidable array of advanced technology frameworks. Running active balance sheets for nations on real-time enterprise GLs, the solution enables a single source of truth, and has a proven track record for the fastest and most cost efficient implementation.

iRTM. Shifting gears from managing risk to leveraging risk for business advantage, banks turn to iRTM. The largest Treasury operations in the world run on Intellect. The Intellect Basel III LRM Solution with Risk Visualisation across 64 dimensions of risk, addresses the most arduous LRM challenges, enabling 360 swivel views and transaction-level drill downs.

iGTB. The world's first complete Global Transaction Banking Platform. It enables the customer to seize the tremendous global transaction banking opportunity, conservatively estimated at $509bn by 2021. The formidable third generation iGTB with built-in omnichannel Corporate Banking Exchange powers the customer's way to Principal Banker position. Delivering the financial technology the customer has always needed to leverage expertise and on-field innovation without constraints.

Intellect SEEC. One of the world's leading providers of insurance software with an extensive portfolio covering distribution, underwriting and claims. Intellect SEEC offers the right mix for Life and Non-Life Insurers to focus on their strategic imperatives while reducing time-to-market of technology initiatives by up to 60%. Intellect SEEC builds its innovative, low-cost solutions on a firm belief that while the underlying business and technology of insurance are complex, their application should not be.

Intellect Gov. iGov focusses on Nation Building through IT Transformation & eGovernance Programs driven through Technology in India and around the world. We pioneer the use of Design Thinking principles to create ‘future-ready’ technology solutions that solve customer pain points. To ensure that our approach to technology is always holistic, we adopt a unique framework of seven dimensions – Customer Experience, Operational Excellence, Performance, Analytics, Risk Management, Integration and Security.

Design for digital differentiation

As banks and insurance companies embrace digital for competitive advantage, they're all focussed on the same goal. To provide their customers the same experience at every touch point. It takes Intellect to make this an extraordinary digital experience. Inside and out.

Digital encompasses everything of all types of banking. Its holistic adoption covers Digital OUTSIDE, the experience driver; and Digital INSIDE, the operational excellence enabler. Uniquely total customer centricity Intellect design philosophy ensures a dramatic shift from disjointed digital activities to strategically aligned digital outcomes.

Digital IN technology manifests in the Apps Vault 'An advanced ecosystem with the most comprehensive repository of financial industry apps, engineered for coexistence of legacy, custom build and third party apps, wired for complete front-, mid- and back-end delivery.

Digital OUT technology powers the Ops Hub 'Six powerful Digital Ops Hubs that make rapid STP all-pervasive, orchestrate work flows and the optimise the way services are delivered, while ensuring the system remains flexible for change. (Payments Services Hub, Credit Services Hub, Risk Hub, Customer Onboarding Hub, Funds Control Hub and Collateral & Limits Hub, as well as universal technology product processors that protect customer legacy investments).

Successful digital design harmonises seven essential COPARIS architectures. The four architectures for business include the customer in the centre, design of operations, design of decision making, and design of risk associated with the business. The three enabling architectures encompass technical architecture (apps based, omnichannel), integration architecture (pre-built components) and security architecture (entitlement engine built with the apps).

The full spectrum advanced intellect suite of products is built on iDigital, which delivers a uniquely comprehensive digital platform to financial institutions.

Unleashing the power of collaborative design at the world's first design center for financial institutions

At 8012 FinTech Design Centers progressive financial institutions realise their transformation ambitions. Identify white spaces in a stimulating environment engineered for collaborative design thinking. Work with leading product and solutions specialists who have led the most complex and ambitious change initiatives at banks around the world.

Banking is a brutally complex business and Intellect is invested in complexity reduction. We observe patterns across our lines of business, from generations of technology trying to relate with each other. At the Design Centres in Chennai, Mumbai and soon to open in the US, the emphasis is on making design thinking replicable and instilling a design mindset that enables connecting the dots between business, technology and operations. The 8012 FinTech Design Centres are a physical manifestation of the enterprise commitment to continuous innovation and value maximisation for customers.

With a formidable array of full spectrum banking and insurance products, 'unitised services' can now be assembled to create powerful customised products, or be applied to existing applications. Never-before enterprise SOA and Apps for financial technology. Real time experience of comprehensive enterprise platforms, and hands-on introduction to transformative technologies.

8012 FinTech Design Center is the nerve centre for digital transformation, where superior customer experience and high order operational excellence are delivered through digital technologies.

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World's first Design Center for financial institutions
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