Nalanda, named after the world-famous ancient university is Intellect’s Corporate University, under which all learning related programs are rendered.

Nalanda’s mission is to facilitate development of Individual and Team Competencies addressing business challenges and aligning to the organisation's goals.  It takes immense efforts to make Learning more effective and more accessible, facilitate High Performance and contribute to the Business Success.

The Learning Architecture

Nalanda is guided by the Knowledge Atlas also known as the Learning Architecture. This comprehensive framework crafted in consultation with the business functions, details the skills and competencies required by Associates to deliver High Performance financial Technologies, on Time and in Full.

Work Culture - Inspired Workplace

Nalanda plays a key role in building the competencies and developing the skills of Associates through the following initiatives.

Base Camps: Skill development Training Programs in four major areas – High Performance Technology, High Performance Process, Business Applications, Behavioural Effectiveness and Leadership qualities.

Summit Competency: Building Roadmap programs spanning over a period of 9 to 12 months with Experiential Learning interventions, Facilitated introspection sessions, One-on-one coaching, Action Learning Projects and Game based Learning. Summit Initiatives target Leaders across Roles and were meticulously designed to cater to the learning and development needs of each specific role in the organisation.

In the efforts of supporting and sustaining these key functions of Nalanda, the following initiatives were instituted.

Assessment Centre: Nalanda Assessment Centre helps Associates in gauging their knowledge and skills in all Learning areas. Associates are certified based on their level of expertise.

Coaching: Associates transitioning from one role to another and Associates, who opt to have a mentor, are coached by Senior Leaders in Intellect Design Arena Limited and Certified Coaches to help them grow as an Individual, a Professional and a Leader in the organisation.

Interventions: In order to address critical business challenges, faced by Business units and Project Teams, Nalanda offers customised learning interventions to prepare Associates for the challenge at hand.

Knowledge Portal: Nalanda Portal is designed to make Learning more accessible to Associates. Ranging from e-learning modules, Video based learning modules, Webinars and Social Learning through Chats, the knowledge portal serves as an important arena for learning.

Learning Arenas at Nalanda

Nalanda believes in Educational Psychologist David Kolb’s Individual Learning Styles, built upon the idea that learning preferences can be described using two continuums: active experimentation-reflective observation and abstract conceptualisation-concrete experience. The result is four types of learners, each with their own way of Learning. Nalanda provides Associates multiple choices of learning arenas to choose from, giving the Associate the ultimate power over her/his Learning experience and promoting learning among the organisation.

Nalanda’s Learning Arenas include :

  • Classroom Training Sessions
  • E-learning classes
  • Webinars
  • Certification based training
  • Certification based Self-study programs
  • Case study based knowledge sharing sessions
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • BOIL: In house gaming arena for Team Building and Leadership Exercises
  • Action Learning Projects
  • Adaptive Learning
  • Campus Library
  • Video Learning through internal video learning channel, K-TUBE
  • Reel Learning: Extracting leadership lessons from Movies
  • Social Learning
  • Learning Newsletters
  • Publications on Intellect Culture, Best Practices and current trends