At Intellect, each celebration brings with it the magic of appreciation, and nurtures the culture of sharing successes with the Intellect community at large.

This calendar of celebration is known as Intellect Seasons. These events, highly looked-forward to, are -

Intellect Day - This is a celebration. A tribute. A reaffirmation. A celebration of who we are. A tribute to what we have achieved. A reaffirmation of our conviction to transform the way the financial world operates. The year 2014 witnessed the first edition of this global event, marked by new technologies and novel programming.

Konarks Felicitation - If recognizing the brightest potential leaders is important, nurturing them is even more so. The Konark Felicitation programme is the grand initiation of a Konark into a privileged circle. The privilege in this case is greater responsibility and trust. The event is attended by existing Konarks as well as by new Konarks with their family members. The associate is welcomed as a Konark with a Konark blazer, a tie / scarf, a lapel pin and a specially crafted Konark Trophy.

Diwali Mela - The festival of lights is all the brighter when the stars of Intellect gather under one roof with their families - the fraternity at work as well as the loved ones from home. In a joyous evening full of music, fun and food, Konarks are reminded of the precious bond they shares with Intellect, as each of them receives a gold coin from the Chairman. The simple process of capturing this on camera is an endearing illustration of camaraderie.

Lakshya - This cannot be summed up as just a tradition or an event. Lakshya has played a pivotal role in the growth of the company. The creation of Intellect as a formidable independent entity also had its roots at one such Lakshya. The significance of Lakshya is that it involves every single associate in the organisation, ground up. Besides the visioning, employees are actively encouraged to present the road map to the goal thus envisaged. Lakshya is conducted in three phases spread across a month, Typically held from the end of November to the end of the December. A more detailed description of the Lakshya experience is ensconced in the 'Human Capital DNA' section.