Digital Technologies that drive
Digital Outcomes

The Intellect design philosophy, a key differentiator in developing solutions for the transformative agendas of CXOs, ensures a dramatic shift from disjointed digital activities to strategically aligned digital outcomes.

As banks and insurance companies embrace digital for competitive advantage, they’re all focussed on the same goal. To provide their customers the same experience at every touch point. It takes Intellect to make this an extraordinary digital experience. OUTSIDE and INSIDE.

Canvas Technology: Advanced Channel Renovation Platform

Intellect's Canvas Technology is the Experience Driver, an 'ahead-of-trends' offering that enables a flexible and high performance environment for accelerated configuration of services while retaining complete control over user experience and change management. Existing investments are thereby future-proofed.

Hub Technology: Powerful Operation Consolidation Platform

This 5th generation banking technology from Intellect is an Operational Excellence Enabler, built to address the needs of a dynamic business environment facilitating seamless interactions among the various stakeholders. Hub Technology drives agile application building with zero coding. It comes with complete support for building applications, with several robust pre-built solutions.