Indian Wealth Management Forum 2019

Recognising the importance of relationship managers in wealth management, Vinay Kumar from Intellect presented ‘RM Office – 2020 Advantage‘ at the forum, which covered:

  • Opportunity to increase RMs productivity by 20%
  • Opportunity to reduce operational cost by 20%
  • Let your system take care of compliance – 3D Compliance
  • Leveraging Digital – Enhanced Outreach and contextualized experience
  • Actionable insights to direct the destiny of the business

The Intellect RM Office Office empowers advisors in carrying out effective conversations with clients and helps them make informed decisions. The effective conversation and informed decisions are enabled through actionable insights generated by the robust analytics engine of ‘Intellect RM Office’.


Vinay Kumar
Vinay Kumar 
Partner and Senior Vice President, iWealth

Vinay Kumar has over 30 years of experience in capital markets and wealth management. He has extensive expertise in private banking, wealth management and derivatives. He has rich experience in designing, delivering and selling wealth management products and solutions for global banks and financial institutions. He has led digital transformation consulting assignments with leading global banks. He is leading the innovation team for Intellect Wealth which is currently focused on applying of AI and ML to make Relationship Managers more effective and help their clients make appropriate investment decisions.

Vinay holds a post graduate diploma in management from IIM, Ahmedabad. He has written and edited a book titled ‘IT Professionals’ Handbook of Investment Banking and Financial Markets’.