What has a Peacock feather got to do with

a Great Opportunity

at Intellect Design Arena?

Quite a lot, actually!

Design Inspiration

When you observe a peacock feather, what comes to your mind? Sheer beauty? Vivid hues of blues & browns? Or the unique & mesmerizing pattern that is formed when the tips come together?

This "coming together" of base elements is how Intellect defines the word "design".

Design Thinking

The base elements in the FinTech industry are like the individual strands in a peacock feather.

It can be domain, technology, User experience, architecture, frameworks. Individually, they matter. somewhat.

The magic is when they all come together. We believe "design" is the power that brings all the elements together. That's why Intellect places enormous focus on Design & design thinking.

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Leverage Design

BankTech Wave 5 has begun in the financial universe

Most of the Talent that are single dimensional are sadly going to be left behind. Offer the best environment to bring domain, technology, products, frameworks and experience together. We give you the opportunity to leverage design thinking to connect the above elements so you can curate technology solutions for banks, financial institutions and Insurance majors. Intellect has the world's most powerful ammunition of Microservices, APIs, Events and AI. But the story has just begun.

Design your Future

We are looking for Future Leaders (FuEL).
Do you have what it takes?

Ordinary talent that just needs "a job" will simply not do. We are looking for young talent who are confident of their potential. Talent that is strong in imagination and can connect technology & the financial domain. Talent that is keen to be on the driving seat and take charge. Talent that can set new benchmarks and inspire others to align to their vision.

a. MBA from a premium institute with 4-8 years of post MBA experience.
b. Banking or Tech background that had aspirations in Civil services but could not do so.
c. Talent with global experience that wants to return to India.
d. Talent with tech experience who have had a brush with entrepreneurship.

Apply Now!

Here is an opportunity for you to be a future leader, Surfing Wave 5

FuEL Sales Manager

Enterprise B2B sales in our Fintech genre is not just another sales role! It brings together multiple elements such as knowledge of markets and customer segments, the aspiration (& pain areas) of the customer and how one can connect Intellect's powerful ammunition of technologies, platforms and products to address the customer's business needs.

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FuEL Business Analyst

A Business Analyst at Intellect, is a change agent responsible for statistically analyzing large data sets to identify effective ways of boosting organizational efficiency. This role will be a vital link between the product development, testing and service delivery teams.

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FuEL Pre-Sales Manager

A Pre-sales / Bid Manager at Intellect will collaborate with the front end sales team by providing research findings, capability document building and responding to RFIs and RFPs for our prospective clients across the globe adhering to the quality policy and processes involved.

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FuEL Product Manager

A product manager is the person who identifies the customer need and the larger business objectives that a product or feature will fulfill, articulates what success looks like for a product, and rallies a team to turn that vision into a reality.

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FuEL Product Marketing Manager

We’re on the hunt for a product marketing manager to develop and execute marketing strategies to increase product awareness and adoption. If you're a passionate experienced B2B product marketer with demonstrable success in working with emerging products and driving GTM strategies, you're just who we're looking for.

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FuEL Growth Hacker

A FuEL Growth Hacker should be a passionate marketer to scale our presence. To ensure success as a growth hacker, you should be skilled at optimizing business processes across all departments and able to tailor your solutions to different markets, scenarios, products, and goals.

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FuEL Value Accelerator

A Value Accelerator is a strategic and supportive partner for your customers at every stage of the buying process. They're focused on building loyalty to ensure long-term client retention by presenting product information, addressing customer issues and helping the sales team with upsells and renewals.

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FuEL Project Manager

A Project Manager should have a background in business skills, management, budgeting and analysis. An excellent communicator and managing multiple tasks. With a natural problem-solving aptitude the individual is responsible for developing detailed project plans,

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A Subject Matter Expert in Payments Processing, electronic global payments across various country/region specific payments. They will possess strong product experience and lead a team of Business Analysts across multiple projects as a SME of the payments product.

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FuEL Employer Brand Communications Manager

At Intellect we have the right mix of creativity, integrated marketing and project management skills to partner with our recruiting teams, devise strategic external experiences, messaging and supporting communications plans to attract top talent from the market.

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FuEL Learning Solutions Designer

A Learning Solutions Designer at Intellect is responsible for building leadership at all levels by leading change initiatives. It focuses on equipping current and future leaders with personal leadership skills so that they can more effectively understand the environment in which their organization operates.

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FuEL Design Consultant

Design Thinking is in our DNA at Intellect. It allows us to connect the Business, Technology, and Operations of a bank and engineer solutions that drive unprecedented value, making it a joyous collaborative experience. It allows us to interrogate a problem in an Intellect way and design a viable solution and demystify complexities to create algorithms.

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