Intellect Global Transaction Banking (iGTB), the transaction banking and technology specialist from Intellect Design Arena Limited, has launched Global Deposit Manager (GDM), a comprehensive digital platform that allows banks to fashion new, tailored, regulation-compliant, deposit products that can be brought to market quickly. GDM boasts powerful analytics, monitoring and reporting capabilities for both banks and their clients of all sizes, and is delivered through iGTB’s awardwinning, omni-channel interface, Contextual Banking Experience (CBX). This product is especially relevant given that US companies were estimated to be sitting on $2.6 trillion of trapped liquidity in 20171, and the difficulty businesses have finding suitable safe havens for funds.

Manish Maakan, CEO of iGTB, says: “GDM builds on our existing core expertise in corporate liquidity management – an area that has posed particularly challenging issues for banks. GDM’s comprehensive package of capabilities – combining innovation-friendly agility, strong governance support and performance analytics – will help banks manage their balance sheets and support their clients better, boost their revenues, whilst ensuring strict regulatory compliance. What’s more, the impact of the latest tax reforms in the US mean there couldn’t be a better time for this release – making it a compelling proposition for US banks anticipating an influx of corporate deposits from overseas. This is critical for us as we continue our strategic push in this important market.”

GDM is an integrated application – but also supported through a range of individual components – that plugs into core banking systems, making it an agile tool for rapidly rolling out a full spectrum of innovative and tailored deposit products. The platform also handles critical product governance activities, efficiently managing the process of bringing deposit products to market.

GDM comes with a compelling range of analytics and monitoring features for both banks and their clients. Banks, for example, can view which deposit products perform best across geographies, currencies, and client segments – by volume or revenue. Clients meanwhile gain an overarching view of their global cash placements through an intuitive dashboard, delivering powerful insights such as how deposits perform historically and against benchmarks.

Maakan adds: “Banks’ clients will particularly appreciate GDM. Its flexibility enables them to manage, monitor and report their portfolios across a range of deposits, with multiple banks, and it offers unparalleled analytics. One of the world’s top 20 banks is already on board, and two more are working on the application – we believe there’s no better product to help banks and businesses in all industries harness the value of their extra cash.”

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