Prabal Basu Roy

Advisor to the Chairman


Prabal Basu Roy is a Sloan Fellow from the London Business School and a Chartered Accountant: he presently manages a PE fund, is a corporate advisor to Board Chairpersons, and has formerly been a Director and Group CFO in various companies in India and abroad. He has also been the shareholder nominee on the management and Boards of companies, including international JVs with major MNCs.

In a twin track career spanning over three decades, his core expertise is in managing strategic, but operationally complex, roles in finance, law, business , institutional investors, M&A and strategic alliances in large corporations on one hand and managing money / risk capital as a professional hedge fund manager on the other.

He now uses this uncommon diversity of experience to advise corporates at the Board level in the crucial area of providing management oversight (financial strategy, governance, financial statements, board functioning, audit committees, etc.,) and large institutional investor engagement for listed entities.

Prabal’s previous corporate assignments include various roles in major MNCs such as GEC, Xerox, Digital, British Telecom, Eveready Batteries, Lucent and Polaris. He founded a proprietory equity fund in 2007 which operated till 2017 as an actively managed hedge fund focused on equities, derivatives, arbitrage and high frequency trading on the capital markets.

He has advised start ups on strategy, execution and financing, selectively provides leadership guidance to young managers, CEOs and CXOs in some companies and manages/advises on corporate M&A transactions/ Management Buyouts & Buyins.

A professional with diverse interests, he writes and interviews frequently in the national media : The Mint, Economic Times, Business Standard, Hindu, Times of India, Hindustan Times, Business World, Business Today, Bloomberg Quint, etc. and in TV interactions on CNBC, ET NOW, NDTV, Rajya Sabha TV, etc.

Apart from engaging in public speaking in various forums, he has been featured on the List of the 15 Top most influential voices from India in 2016 and 2017 on LinkedIn for his thoughts on a wide range of issues at the intersection of current affairs, leadership and management with matters of finance, public policy, financial markets and corporate affairs – especially corporate governance and institutional investor engagement.

Being an acknowledged independent voice in the national media with an incisive and uncommon understanding of both financial markets (as a fund manager) and the corporate sector (as former Group CFO & Director), make his ability of articulation of the investment thesis to FIIs / financial investors and providing objective ( often contrarian ) leadership guidance to Boards/CEOs the core of his current advisory interests.