Powered by AI, Magic Submission is a cognitive intake tool that intelligently automates broker submissions,and validates and enriches the risk data. Through Magic Submission, broker submissions are automatically unbundled and classified. The AI-powered tool contextually reads unstructured and structured documents across all lines of business much like humans do in 87% less time. Magic Submission understands the relationships and hierarchies of data across different documents and maintains these in the output JSON API.

Key underwriting and risk fields are automatically extracted per line of business use case, with 97% accuracy, including emails, ACORD Forms, Custom forms, PDF and Excel. The extracted data is validated and enriched (additional perils, exposures, etc) through Intellect’s data sources & triangulation algorithms and then presented to the underwriter.

The USPs

  • Extraction times that are minutes/hours
  • 8000+ triangulated data sources for risk insights
  • >97% extraction accuracy
  • Consistent risk classification models (ISO/NAICS)
  • Resilient platform with auto scaling

To know more, visit www.intellectseec.com/magic-submission/