Adrenalin, is a comprehensive solution that covers every aspect of the HR process spectrum: Workforce Administration, Recruitment, Performance Management, Talent Development, Payroll, HR Analytics, Enterprise Collaboration and Mobile.

Adrenalin’s experience and knowledge gained as a result of being a ‘pure-play vendor’ over the years has been invested in re-engineering the product to bring in a modern interface, making it accessible on smart phones and tablets, besides bringing in faster access to forms and simpler ways to complete transactions.

Adrenalin has 16+ years of successful operations, Established Quality Management Practices and Dedicated investments in user and product research programs.

Over 700 customers from across verticals & 1 Million users use product Adrenalin. We have Expertise in Global Implementation Rollouts and have been listed as ‘Niche Player’ in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant report (2013 & 2014)