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Kwantics is a deep technology company, focused on call center automation. It deploys speech AI to improve call center metrics. It uses intelligent voice bots and speech analysis to scale conversations with your customers without having to worry about team expansions. Kwantics believes in improving the productivity of your voice process and your agents to deliver high-quality customer interactions. Customers prefer voice as their engagement channel. And with voice, there is an opportunity to extract and analyze customer conversations. What transpired between your call center agent and your customer is locked in an audio file. Kwantics offers a Speech Analytics solution to unearth deep insights. Customers use it to improve sales conversion, customer satisfaction, agent performance. Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered analysis provides actionable insights to businesses, creating lasting relationships.

AI Voice Assistant

An Interactive AI-Powered multilingual voice assistant that understands human speech and drives natural conversations to ease customer-communication obstacles.

Speech Analytics

Analyze 100% historical or real-time conversational data with deep learning technology to understand and improve sales conversion, customer experience, and agent performance.

Speech to Text

Speech to Text (STT) solutions can transcribe all voice inputs in multiple languages to identify keywords and actionable information for improving agent’s performance and customer engagement.

Text to Speech

A new-gen Text to Speech (TTS) solution that synthesizes text data into a quality human voice which can be used to provide personalized outbound communication to your customers

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