Ondato provides a complete compliance management suite in regards to the know your customer procedure. Starting from both photo and live video identity verification (both natural and legal entities), data monitoring, screening, due-diligence, risk scoring and case management all in one place.

We work alongside our clients to provide relevant and resilient products for individual needs. Our clients are major regional banks like Luminor, SEB, Swedbank. Our services are used by Fintech, insurance companies, shared economy firms, investment platforms and businesses in various other industries. Our main solutions:

  • Person identity photo verification
  • Person identity video verification
  • Business photo verification
  • Business video verification
  • Facial biometric authentication
  • E-signature authentication
  • Compliance management platform

What to expect:

  • Businesses can have up to 90% reduction in customer onboarding costs
  • We reduce spending on compliance by an average of 30%
  • 0% fraud tolerance. Bringing only quality customers onboard
  • Account opening up to 5 minutes
  • Protection against fines for compliance.

Why Ondato:

  • All in one is smoother. Everything you need to ensure KYC and AML compliance is in one place. There is no need for many integrations, contracts and system adjustments.
  • Cost reduction.Even large financial institutions no longer need a huge compliance team, as the Ondato platform does most of the work.
  • Team experience. Our team has comprehensive financial and compliance experience and we know what problems our clients face and what they need.
  • Simple and full integration. Simple integration in up to 1 week, or full integration with white-label solution.


For Biometric capture and 3D mask saving Ondato use the only certified on the market (EPCS-DEA: Biometric FAR Certification) 3rd party solution. Solution is certified and PEN-tested.

Facial matching technology (also certified by EPCS-DEA: Biometric Certificate) allows Ondato to make a 3D models of a facial biometric map from a 2D photo (document photo) and match both biometric masks from the selfie and document photo. Solution is certified and PEN-tested.

For Spoofing detections Ondato use an ISO certified solution( ISO 30107–3: Level 2 Spoof Detection ; ISO 30107–3: Level 1 Spoof Detection). Solution is certified and PEN-tested.

For Document spoofing prevention Ondato use deep learning engines in pixel distortion analysis / copy-replace detection, analyze the META details of a identificational media etc. Solution is certified and PEN-tested.

Document full data OCR is performed. Ondato system is trained on 13500 different document types of across the globe and the mechanisms are constantly improving themselves everyday.

Ondato solution read, decrypt and validate the information on the MRZ zone of a document to make sure it is legit.

Document number check for Interpol LOST & STOLEN global database.

PDF417 – barcode format readability form documents that contain such barcode (i.e. USA).

3-level PEP screening and information digest provided 500+ Sanction, watchlist list screening Ondato use unique 3rd party solution (trusted by major companies such as Forex Club, EuroBet etc.) for screening on-boarding customers e-mails for particular fraud-score. Upon request as an additional scoring Ondato can provide facial authentication solution. This will enable earlier on-boarded customers to authenticate themselves using their face. Identification process or KYC process can be signed (from users side) using qualified electronic signature such as SMART ID,e-signatures, SMS.

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