Banking is a data-driven business. Surviving in this hyper connected society with ever increasing regulatory requirements, frauds, data security concerns, inefficient IT systems – its critical banks have the right technology architecture. From AI and ML to integrate massive volumes of big data from wide range of sources that enable real time analytics to stay ahead of competition.

Quadratyx is a globally respected AI-powered data science company that help businesses find new value from their data to make smarter, faster decisions and solve complex business problems. We are a hands-on team of experienced data scientists, engineers and project managers that have worked with some of the leading brands across the world to put their data to work.

How we help:

  • Big Data Lake Architecture Solutions
  • AI Consulting and Roadmap
  • Automate Repetitive Tasks and Add Intelligence
  • Advanced Analytics to Predict and Generate actionable BI insights
  • Image Processing and Text-Audio-Video Analytics
  • Implementing Lean-Agile Centre of Excellence
  • Customized Corporate Training Based on Organization Requirements

If your concerned about managing your data from independent repositories and if you’re looking to strengthen your data management – we invite you to get in touch. Quadratyx will be happy to assess your situation and provide a personalized, fast and reliable AI-solutions.