UNFYD® Suite helps in transforming digital processes across multiple BFSI, Telco companies with Artificial Intelligence, Website Collaboration, Mobility and CRM led capabilities. It doesn’t matter if you are a start-up, SMB or an enterprise; UNFYD helps you run your digital ecosystem with ease thus enhancing relationships. UNFYD® is a unique IP-led initiative, addressing the convergence of omni-channel communications, as part of the various “Experience Management” theories, involving, voice, digital, social, mobility etc.

UNFYD Suite includes

Marketing Xperience

  • UNFYD® LEAD – Lead Management platform
  • UNFYD® BUZZ – Sentiment tagging and process management Prospect / Customer mentions the brand on social media or the web. BUZZ sends collected info to TALK. Brands can leverage this to personalize & market products

Customer Xperience

  • UNFYD® TALK -Social Interaction Platform Prospect/ Customer can chat with agent post conversation or directly through multiple channels
  • UNFYD® SCOR – Workforce Management platform Quality Monitoring & Score-card tool to evaluate performance of interactions by CSE

Enterprise Xperience

  • UNFYD® COLLAB -Multi-channel Collaboration platform Screen sharing with customer to guide him/her which also includes video chat capability
  • UNFYD® CRM – End to end customer relevance management with 360 degree customer view from lead to retention Cognitive Xperience

Cognitive Xperience

  • UNFYD® BOT -Automation of service engagement operations Prospect/ Customer can use Chatbot through multiple channels for various processes. It includes speech to text capabilities. Also it supports multi language capability
  • UNFYD® KM – Bot enabled Repository information platform Knowledge gained through past experiences, problem resolutions, R&D used by Multiple Platforms to provide accurate solution