Winsoft is a leading IT solutions company specializing in cutting edge solutions for the financial organizations. The breakthrough product offerings and solutions have a combination of domain knowledge, latest technology, and best practices. The gamut of products addresses requirements of Financial Institutions – Banks, Mutual Fund, Insurance, Depository Participants, Wealth managers, and trading industry.

Dematrix | A Depository Participants (DP) Back-office solution

Available in several versions, it is a simple and easy to use solution. One can choose the CDSL and NSDL integrated version or simply opt for the individual CDSL or NDSL version. Also available in the light version, this functionally rich solutions caters to the complete DP requirements. The product is web enabled to ensure access to the branches.

Smart Mutual

Winsoft Smart Mutual is an end-to-end Mutual Fund distribution solution. It has back-office, branch access and customer access over the internet and sub-broker passout. This simple to use system enables you reconcile your data to identify revenue leakages. At the same time, we have the best-in-class brokerage calculation module to maximize your gain and plug the losses.