“Be Where Your Customers Are!” – Its this motto that makes Yenasys a very good conversational platform for institutions to rely on.

Nowadays Most of the mobile users are adopting Instant Messaging Apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, telegram and many more, and these applications are in their primary screen of the users’ mobile phones.

Therefore people like to reach their service providers and brand vendors through the messaging apps rather than calling their general hotline for queries. but still companies have not adapted to the customers’ trend and lifestyle.

With our omni channel customer support messenger platform, the companies can reach their customers through instant messaging apps. for general to complicated queries. During this time process can be also automated through a bot and drastically reduce the time spent on answering calls and solving queries.

Mainly this solution is suitable for all the industries who deal with day to customers!

Our system carries unlimited number of session messages for free of cost and many advanced features with an extremely attractive and efficient dashboard than our competitors.

With the Yenasys Communication Platform you can manage your customer communication intuitively, professionally, and in full compliance with data protection regulations.

“Be Where Your Customers Are!”