Product Philosophy

Our Product Philosophy

Global Financial Technology is complex and unwieldy. Over time, the complexity built up from generations of disparate legacy technology, the explosion of new product and services, constantly evolving regulation, and geographic and growth ambitions has corroded the vitals of global and regional leaders alike which has made an already complex ecosystem, more complex.

We look at reducing this complexity by applying principles of Design Thinking i.e. moving from mystery to heuristics by observing Patterns and Anti Patterns and then to Algorithm by connecting dots. Based on these principles, we have identified 5 dimensions of complexity which are to be addressed by Banking and Insurance companies:

  • Dimension 1: Complexity of the products catering to the diverse needs of local and global corporate and retail customers.
  • Dimension 2: 7 pillars of complexity starting from Customer Experience (UX/UI), Operations Design (Branches, Omnichannel and Back office), Performance of the Applications,  Analytics and Data Design, Risk Management, Integration within bank and other financial ecosystem and finally, Security of the application and Infrastructure.
  • Dimension 3: Multigenerational Technologies starting from Cobol-based, Relational Databases, Middlewares to Open sources and Microservices on Cloud.
  • Dimension 4: Continuous changes from Security, Regulation and Compliance.
  • Dimension 5: Complexity of Data Management within the bank and its relationship with financial ecosystem.

Our products are not just a bolt-on solution. Using advanced analytics, it automatically highlights issues and simultaneously presents a realistic palette of all possible decisions in response to that specific context – each rated and where appropriate, recommended, including upsell and cross-sell best-next-actions.

How Do We Do It?

digital acceleration
digital acceleration

Digital Acceleration

De-Complexed Experiences

Built for the Cloud

Open Banking Ready


Robust & Real-Time

Domain Expertise

The Result of Design Thinking

User Experience is more than just a simple, beautiful and easy-to-use product feature set. Features are but a single aspect of a product. Ultimately, User Experience is about delivering the right solution for the right problem.

For the Intellect Design teams, this means making complex solutions simple and frictionless to better solve the specific problems of users. These solutions need to drive self-service experience, better digital channel adoption, and revenues for banks while working within the bounds of regulatory constraints of risk management.

Designed and tested
at 8012 FinTech Design Center

Solving the complexities in
origination and self-service scenarios

Built with 150+ components
for over 400 end-to-end journeys

Accelerate Digital Roadmaps

Customisable. Extensible. Integrable. Driving digital transformation with pluggable and modular architecture, built on Open-source Software and industry standards that seamlessly integrate with core banking systems and product processors.

  • Platform modernisation without legacy system renovation
  • Capabilities extensions through SDKs and API’s based on REST, Webhooks and GraphQL
  • Adoption of industry standards and embedded Open-source components, avoiding proprietary technology lock-ins
  • Leveraging popular technologies your IT teams and FinTechs use, such as AngularJS, Spring Boot and NodeJS

De-complexing Experiences

Contextualised experiences for corporate users, designed through the lens of the bank. More than just a bolt on Omnichannel UX layer on your existing back-end systems, Contextual Banking optimises the execution of every transaction by understanding the intent and context of each interaction between bank and corporate user.

  • Simplify, streamline, and contextualise interactions between the bank and their customers
  • Drive customer journeys focused around “Next Best” action or offer recommendations

Developed for Cloud and Scale

Deploy natively in the cloud or on-premise and innovate with third party ecosystems. API-first architecture enables banks to drive agility through digital channels and be more than just a bank; to be a platform to drive new business models and products.

  • Build natively for Cloud Foundry and OpenShift
  • Customisable and extensible from end-to-end; from the UI, API, Atomic services, Workflows and Adapters
  • Highly usable and developer-friendly APIs for independent developers that are RESTful, JSON, Swagger, OAuth2 and JWT

API-First & Ready for Open Banking

Contextual Banking provides banks with the strategic advantage needed to disrupt the disruptors and dominate in the new world of PSD2 (and other mandates), build ecosystems through platforms and marketplaces to develop new corporate banking services. Prepare to compete or prepare to comply.

  • Aggregate other services into your marketplace or be aggregated
  • Embrace the key qualities of industry disruptors and extend them to Transactional Banking
  • Become the platform upon which new Transactional Banking services are built

Robust Product Processors, Designed for Real-Time

Foundational robustness optimised for high-volume transactions in real-time. Contextual Banking supported by APIs allow them to integrate with your existing cash management applications and offer superior customisability.

  • Powers the engines driving the entire corporate financial supply chain
  • APIs provide an added layer of flexibility and adaptability to traditional product engines

World's first full-spectrum banking & insurance products company

420+ live installations
across 100 countries

tomorrow challenges

Building the solutions to tomorrow’s challenges

The engineer should fundamentally attempt to solve a task in the simplest way, and not want to prove that he is in a position to build a lift up Mount Everest

Prof.Ferdinand Porsche