As the sun sets on LIBOR, financial institutions should be gearing up to lessen its impact on their banking books, trading books and their clients’ portfolios. Given the widespread impact on the entire financial services diaspora – covering banking, capital markets, insurance and corporate treasury – the clock has already started ticking for enterprises to be well on their way of migrating to an alternative Risk Free Rate (RFR) world.

LIBOR transition and the key challenges:

  • Fast approaching deadline: Regulators have already given the go-ahead to move towards an alternate rate
  • Managing co-existence: Added complexity of managing LIBOR, as well as RFR, during the transition period
  • RFR determination and application: Tools to compute and disseminate new rates across downstream systems
  • Impact assessment: Identifying contractual, as well as impact, to product processors
  • Disparate data exchange: Differing formats and protocols across interface layers

The deadline is fast approaching and maintaining the status quo is not an option anymore. The strategy for migration should start in earnest to meet the deadlines. Join us for an exclusive webinar to explore how Intellect can help you with a holistic migration approach covering all the aspects of the transition.

Watch the exclusive webinar to learn more about the platform and the benefits it offers you.

Speakers’ Details:

Mr.Venkatesh Srinivasan
EVP & Partner, Business Head LIBOR Transition Solution
Intellect Design Arena Limited

Mr.Rohit Gajare
Product Head LIBOR Transition Solution
Intellect Design Arena Limited


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