With COVID impacting businesses adversely, the market volatility and the ensuing portfolio erosion has left in its wake a spate of fearful investors. As key custodians for them, how do wealth teams ensure that they best serve their investors while ensuring that productivity and margins don’t take a hit?

It is by delivering ‘Hypercare’ to the customer – digital yet contextual, and personalised service – in the new less contact world..

Join our experts as they discuss how they see the new world order unfold and how we, at Intellect, are ready to provide you with the right solution for delivering this Hypercare with 20% higher productivity and 20% lower costs.

Date:  July, 2020


Speakers’ Details:

Mr. Nagaraj Prasadh
VP and Head of Business Development- Wealth
Intellect Design Arena Limited

Mr. Anand Rai
Head of Pre-sales and Business Development- Wealth
Intellect Design Arena Limited

Ms. Abhilasha Kumar
AVP and Head of Marketing- Wealth
Intellect Design Arena

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