What’s New for 2023 – Corporate Payments

As the complexity of the payments landscape increases and business end users demand more advanced
technology. For banks, it’s time to modernize their corporate payments to stay relevant in the digital age.

iGTB Payments is a market leading payments platform – designed on a ground up iso20022 data model to help
you meet the requirements of modern day (digital) payments

Key Features

  • Payments initiation
  • Payments pre-processing
  • Payments orchestration
  • Payments execution and settlement
  • Payment management

Learn how our iGTB Payments will help you modernize your corporate Payments with digital
technologies to drive new revenue streams

America Feb 22, 2023 https://www.intellectdesign.com/webinar/whats-new-for-2023-payments/?region=America&date=Feb%2022,%202023