8012 FinTech Design Center

8012 FinTech Design Center

Accelerated collaborative design at 8012 FinTech Design Center

8012 is the world’s first Design Center for Financial Institutions. Here, the design process makes for a joyous collaborative experience. But why design in the first place? And what is 8012?

Design Thinking drives deep differentiation. Design creates economic surplus. Design involves rigor of understanding requirements (stated / unstated); observing and clustering patterns; connecting the dots and unearthing blind spots. Design is at the heart of a transformation strategy.

The global financial services industry grapples with increasing complexity. Design makes it possible to attack the 7 dimensions of complexity – Customer Experience, Operations, Performance, Analytics, Risk, Integration and Security. It all comes together in 8012, coordinates for Chennai, India, where the FinTech Design Center is located.

Spread over a stimulating 30,000 sq. ft. area, the 8012 FinTech Design Center is divided into 6 exploration-through – enablement zones. AEDE principles (Absorb, Engage, Discover, Enable) are an integral part of the design thinking process and workflow.

Design Thinking will fundamentally improve the lifecycle of finance and commerce, with contextual and business relevance. The 8012 FinTech Design Center is where you can ignite this spark for your enterprise. Here’s how –

  • Design modernisation initiatives engineered for progressive and painless deployment.
  • Design complete front or back office operations that deliver assured start point 15% reduction in operations costs.
  • Design offerings centred around the customer as against business lines, dramatically improving user experience and response rates.
  • Design Centres of Excellence connecting and unlocking value in Business, Technology and Operations, around Analytics, Testing and Application Maintenance & Support.
  • Design business and risk diagnostics with holistic integration and visualisation that factors in legacy ecosystem realities.

Schedule a session at 8012 FinTech Design Center to move your transformative vision to reality. Identify white spaces in a stimulating environment engineered for collaborative design thinking. Work with leading product and solutions specialists who have led the most complex and ambitious change initiatives at banks around the world.

Intellect is the global banking transformation specialist. Unlock the tremendous value of business, technology and operations at the world’s first Financial Technology Design Center.

The Colour of Money
Maria Louis | Architect and Interiors

Financial technology may be colourless, but 8012 FinTech Design Center in Chennai highlights the value of design……

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Creating an agile, designer IT Shop from a CIO who knows how
Chris Skinner | Financial Services Club Blog

Time to head home after a day in India at the launch of the new design centre for finance launched by Polaris Financial Technology in Chennai (Madras for the old folks out there).

Polaris unveils $10m financial technology design centre in Chennai
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Polaris Financial Technology has today opened a $10 million financial application design centre at its headquarters in Chennai, India, where customers will be able to work collaboratively with the vendor’s development teams on applications and systems.

The 8012 FinTech Design Center

A Delightful Dose of Design
B-school students bowled over by FinTech 8012

A group of 34 students from the School of Business Administration, University of Miami, visited the 8012 FinTech Design Center on 2nd March 2016. Led by their Associate Professor of Management, Vaidy Jayaraman, the students were introduced to Design Thinking…