8012 FinTech Design Center

World’s first design center for Financial Institutions.

8012 FinTech Design Center

Design Thinking has transformed from a core iterative process to a rule book for all our products and is at the core of our Design Center.

Design Thinking’s effect on our offerings has inspired us to create this one-of-its-kind experience zone - 8012 FinTech Design Center. Design Thinking lies at the heart of the Design Center where the sparks of innovation and enterprise are ignited.

The 8012 FinTech Design Center enables co-creation of products that go beyond the expectations of our customers. It is a lab that drives collaborative experiences by making the Design process intellectually stimulating.

It allows us to:

  • Interrogate a problem
  • Challenge status quo
  • Design viable solutions
  • Demystify complexities
  • Create algorithms

Our Workshops

Our unique Design-focused workshops empower our Design leaders work closely with stakeholders from various customer banks to help co-create solutions of exceptional value. The workshops include the following activities among others:

  • A unique workshop for positive business transformation
  • Identify and leverage Patterns and Prototypes to drive efficiency across implementations
  • Innovative test walk-through demonstrating Intellect’s Promise
  • Encourage stakeholders to ask the right questions to solve problems using Design Thinking
  • Application of Design Thinking in designing a ‘Model Digital Bank’
  • Identify User Journeys to drive better User Experience

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Learn the practical application of Design Thinking such as testing prototypes and driving user experience.

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      Customers Speak

      The aim of 8012 FinTech Design Center is to add value to each business, and it’s an honour when customers find meaning in our Design Thinking philosophy and their experience at the Design Center.

      "The FT8012 Design Center is a novel concept that brings a disparate group of stakeholders from two organizations to ideate, share and build in-depth knowledge on a wide range of topics in a very informal but structured manner."

      Desmond Andrades

      Enterprise Architect, The World Bank

      When you talk about design, you have to open up your mind, and this center really facilitates that.

      Bhavin Doshi

      Manager-operations (VP), Arab Bank

      I was impressed by the deliberate care to create a journey and the power of simplicity that came across clearly.

      Alan Rees

      VP Network & Distribution, Rolls-Royce Power Systems

      I never expected that we would see such a perfect design. I think this is the Google of Asia

      Ayham Mahmmoudeh

      Tech Analyst, Arab Bank

      The 8012 FT Design Center is the culmination of over two decades of the company's singular focus on the banking and financial services vertical and stands testimony to collaborative design emerging as the next big game changer for financial technology and financial institutions.

      Daily Herald

      Our Legacy

      8012 FinTech is the World’s first & continues to be the only Design Center dedicated to financial technology

      Hosted 2600+ visitors across various walks of life from 34 countries

      Visited by 98 Top management leaders from 78 banks

      1200+ hours of co-creation with leading banks & financial institutions

      In the Media

      In the Media

      Have you come across situations where effort was spent in solving a problem but people facing the problem are still unhappy? One of the reasons is because we take a data-driven approach which is influenced by the right questions and facts, but miss out on the real problem. The School of Design Thinking (SoDT) comes to your rescue.

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