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Digital Payments Solutions

Product Overview

Payments Services Hub (PSH) is a force multiplier for payment processing, pre-processing and orchestration. It offers advanced cash management for corporate banking through the loosely coupled, workflow-connected channel aggregation and orchestration, end-to-end payment processing and format conversion on a digital portal. Leveraging the power of contextual, PSH enables routing of payments through the best possible rails, based on customer preferences, preset parameters and a host of other contextual cues.

Unified Payments optimises interactions and makes them business aware with:

A unified Payments wizard that calculates, and recommends clear and optimised banking transaction choices, based on business data. Real-time, 24×7, end-to-end orchestration and life cycle management solution for enterprise-wide payment flows. Seamless integration to stand-alone product engines – Liquidity Management, Supply Chain Finance, AR/AP and Virtual Accounts.

Overlay and pre-processing optimises payment executions through:

Payment execution options analysed and rated for speed, risk, legality, value and cost. Centralised processing for payment capture and end-to-end visibility of all transactions throughout.

Product Overview

Our Prestigious Clients

We value our clients and are committed to provide innovative solutions for all their needs.

Product Highlights

Buyer-aware. Business-aware.

  • A contextual payments wizard assesses and recommends optimal transaction choices.
  • Payment options rated for speed, risk, legality, value and cost.
  • Centralised processing for payment capture and end-to-end visibility of all transactions.


The choice of the bank. The bank of choice.

  • Real-time, 24×7, end-to-end orchestration and lifecycle management solution
  • Seamless integration to stand-alone product engines.
  • Powerful decision configuration for improved STP and elimination of manual processing.
  • Fraud and risk cauterised by interacting with external fraud and risk engines.



Driving customer value & market leadership.


Intellect ranked #1 in Global Payments Systems

IBS Global FinTech Innovation Awards

Best payment system implementation Award at CIBC

FinTech 100 Real Result Awards

Future ready Payments implementation Award at CIBC

Success Stories

What our customers say.

Phil Griffiths

SVP & Head of Global Transaction Banking, CIBC

CIBC is focused on innovation that makes a difference for our clients and leveraging iGTB's payments platform enhances our ability to deliver new capabilities, support emerging technologies such as blockchain, and positions us well to lead in the rapidly evolving payments market in Canada and the United States as they move towards real time payments.


Jeff Siekman

Senior Vice President and Director of Payment Products, Fifth Third Bank

We believe this collaboration with iGTB on digital projects will help us deepen our relationship with existing customers and acquire new ones.


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