Quantum Central Banking Solution (QCBS)

Digital. Role-aware. Real-time Risk Management

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Product Overview

Intellect Quantum Central Banking Solution is designed specifically for Central Banks, aimed at reducing complexity. It is built on an underlying technology design, driven by four parameters - real-time informed decision-making & risk management, unmatched configurability for speed and ease of change, tightly integrated analytics and uncompromising security.

Intellect Quantum Central Banking Solution empowers Central Banks to progressively modernise and transform through a formidable range of instruments including currency chest management, public debt & depository management, enterprise general ledger & collateral management.

Product Overview

Our Prestigious Clients

We value our clients and are committed to providing innovative solutions to all their needs.

Product Highlights

As a Banker to the Government, a Banker to Banks, a Government Debt Manager, a Currency Manager, and the overall Supervisor & Regulator of the country, Central Banks have to deal with high levels of complexity. Intellect's Quantum solution provides a comprehensive platform for Central Banks, with a flexible choice of instruments. It empowers them to engage in faster decision-making and timely intervention, with the help of 360-degree dashboard views, on-demand financial statements, reports and real-time risk monitoring.

Customer Management & Online Portal

  • Grouping & Baskets
  • Controls & Validations
  • Blacklist & AML
  • Comprehensive data set
  • Online Portal for govt./FIs


  • Products for Banks and Government
  • Comprehensive limits and interest rate types

Currency and Vault Management

  • Currency lifecycle Management
  • Vault/Chest Management
  • Monitoring & Tracking

Depository & Public Debt Management

  • Auction Management
  • Underwriting
  • Simulation & Allotment
  • DVP-1, 2 & 3 based Settlement
  • Comprehensive Security Services

Collateral Management

  • Advanced Collateral Pool
  • Comprehensive Eligibility Factors, Haircuts, and Concentration limits
  • Revaluation and Margin Call
  • Intraday Liquidity

Government Services

  • Treasury Single Account
  • Surplus/Deficit Management
  • Payments/Receipts
  • Agency Transactions
  • Tax Collection
  • Settlement/Reporting

Credit/Market Operations

  • Comprehensive Limits and
  • Interest Rate Types
  • Open Market Operations
  • REPO/Reverse REPO
  • Short Term, Long Term and
  • Overnight Lending

Account Sweeps

  • Notional pooling and interest calculation
  • Flexible Rules
  • Advanced Triggers
  • Sweep and Reverse Sweeps


  • Flexible Rules
  • Invoicing/Collection
  • Flexible Fees Structures

Enterprise General Ledger

  • Real-time Balance Sheet
  • Integrated Budget/FA
  • n-Tier Structure
  • Financial reporting tool

Treasury/Risk Management

  • MM, Equities, Fixed Income
  • Derivatives
  • Reserves Management
  • Limits/Risk Management
  • ACU, IMF SDR, Risk analytics

National Payment Systems

  • Gross/Net Settlements
  • Advanced Liquidity Management
  • Dynamic Settlement
  • Low/High Value Payments


Intellect Quantum Solution awarded for excellence.

Central Banking Awards 2016

Intellect Central Banking solution received the Best Payments Provider of the year Award.

Central Banking Awards 2015

Intellect Central Banking solution received the Best Technology Provider of the year Award.

The Asian Banker Awards

Best Central Bank Implementation Award 2013

Success Stories

What our customers say.

Suchitra Sukumaran

Deputy General Manager, RBI

Intellect had installed the system "in record timing" as well as a number of other systems. "The entire government accounts in the country, through the bank's own offices and the agency mechanism, are consolidated through this platform".

Pierre Laporte

Governor and Chairman, Central Bank of Seychelles

Intellect Core Banking System (CBS) for Central Banking will usher a new chapter in the transformation journey of our banking, monetary and financial system in the country. Intellect's distinctive edge in the financial technology domain and long-standing performance benchmarks led to its selection vis-a-vis other competitors.

Mats Wallinder

Dy. Head Cash & Payments Systems, Central Bank of Sweden

I truly believe, and have noticed, that one major important factor for the success is the way how your team interact together with Central Banks during the design and at the same time spent efforts to reduce the complexity of the product.

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