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The Intellect Promise

We provide Large Enterprise-Grade Composable and Contextual solutions driving higher business growth, reducing cost and risk on a sustainable basis.

Live Your Dream

Welcome to our world where we hold our belief in the “can do” spirit towards chasing dreams and aspirations. We believe in leveraging the power of the design mind and achieving dreams, focusing our energies towards accelerating digital journeys for our trusted customers. We believe in the art of possibilities and the power of believing in our clients, our technology and ourselves.

The Banking and Financial Services industry is an innovative and dynamic one and we, at Intellect, have always been ahead of the FinTech curve through sustained research and development. Comprehending the customers’ psyche and empowering them with our exponential technologies, has been our approach to go beyond the expected and connect with them, making their dreams come true.

Our NextGen Open Finance, Composable and Contextual FinTech architecture challenges, innovates and sparks change through disruption, not only powering the world of banking, but also by creating opportunities for everyone. Our ground breaking solutions enable financial institutions to realise their business aspirations through digital transformation. This is made possible through our customer-centric design thinking approach, which enables engineering of agile solutions combined with performance assurance.

Intellect Design Arena Limited is a global leader in Financial Technology for Banking, Insurance and other Financial Services. With a rich suite of products across the organisation, we are an authority on vertical and integrated products that enable institutions to meet their ambition to be the principal service provider to their customers.

Customer Intimacy

Able to provide solutions that are unique to the bank, corporation sectors and organisations.

Operational Excellence

Offers superb STP for rapid execution simply initiated with strong risk management, each and every time.

Product Leadership

Has demonstrated the ability to improve the potential for corporations to make money.

Actionable Intelligence

Through Intellect, you can obtain rich information and analytics in real-time, enabling banks to make better decisions to execute the next transactions.

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