iTurmeric is an integrated platform for Composable Business Design in a single collaborative environment with a built-in Sandbox.

  • This integrated platform comprises 4 environment Studios – Experience, API, Orchestration & Integration.
  • Drag & Drop Orchestration and Integration Design with real-time in-step debugging.
  • Domain-object Technology helps build consistent experiences and a One Meta-Data model.
  • The API Studio helps build APIs on the existing and traditional monolith applications, thus providing microservices capabilities.
  • Our deep insight that UI/UX has constant fluidity in design, led us to create the UX Studio that helps in building ‘Fluid Pages’ – and all of it is AngularJS-compliant.

iTurmeric allow banks to progressively modernising using tools without the risk of rip and replacement. With API-first architecture, iTurmeric, the first-of-its-kind enterprise integration, cloud-native, microservices-based platform, enables banks to progressively modernise and participate in the experience economy. iTurmeric has 900+ APIs. Today, the platform already has retail banking, lending, origination, corporate banking API’s and iTurmeric API manager to create new and relevant user journeys on the fly. The discrete nature of these APIs means that newer systems can be put in place without impacting mission-critical legacy infrastructure.

iTurmeric helps accelerate the cloud journey of a bank, and also promotes collaboration with partners and customers to build new and innovative solutions. It also helps seamlessly integrate across the bank’s ecosystem.

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