Liquidity Management Solution (LMS)

The world’s best Liquidity Management Suite to keep you liquid, invested, safe and sure.

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Liquidity Management Solution

Product Overview

Today's digital transformation journey is enabling corporates to become increasingly sophisticated in all aspects of cash management. The digital enablers require a higher degree of technological understanding on the part of both the banks and corporates, increasing the complexity of the corporate treasurer's role. These demands, combined with ongoing developments in bank regulation, (including Basel III and changes to money market fund rules) have already had an impact on bank and customer behaviour.

Notwithstanding the technological developments, the fundamental challenge for the corporate treasurer remains the same: to preserve capital and ensure sufficient liquidity to meet business needs while maximising the returns on surplus cash.

Intellect's Liquidity Management suite is strongly influenced by this fundamental challenge. The principles of cash management apply to all corporate treasurers and our complementary product modules make effective cash management achievable:

  • Liquidity Management Solution - LMS
  • Global Deposit Manager - GDM
  • Operational Account Manager - OPAC
  • Cash Flow Forecasting - CFF
  • Investment Portal - IPORT
Product Overview

Our Prestigious Clients

We value our clients and are committed to provide innovative solutions for all their needs.

Product Highlights

Most powerful on the market

Win that elusive RFP by having just the right cross-entity, cross-currency and cross-country structure to offer. Not just cash control, but investments, deposit management, forecasts and operational account management.


Free-to-think strategy

Set the policy and the rest is automatic. Elevate the daily tasks of your clients’ staff.


Revenue from cash

Mine balances for surpluses and channel them into overnight investments. Balances becoming cash-rich through receivables are ready for the next investment cycle.


Free-up capital to avoid overdrawn accounts

Receive contextual alerts, when an account not protected by a liquidity structure, might be overdrawn. This might save you from the embarrassment of being unable to meet a payment obligation.


Compete to win

With 23% of the world’s sweeping structures passing through LMS, your competitors are offering superb liquidity management, catering to the regulations of over 50 countries.



Driving customer value & market leadership.

Global Finance

Best Bank Award: ANZ named best bank for Liquidity Management


Liquidity deal with Bangkok Bank highlighted in Chartis Report. Source: ‘Quarterly Market Intelligence”, Q4 2017, Chartis, February 2018


Intellect Design Arena has been listed amongst the Global Fintech Community setting direction for the industry and to have made real progress on API in Aite's report titled, "Corporate Transaction Banking API Fintech Vendors" Source: “Corporate Transaction Banking API Fintech Vendors ”, Enrico Camerinelli, Aite, September 2017


iGTB featured amongst Top 9 technology providers offering Integrated Corporate Banking Solution Source: “Connected Corporate Banking - Breaking Down the Silos”, Patricia Hines, Celent, October 2017

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