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Brokerage - Product Overview

While the need of a brokerage firm is to find seamless synergy across “Digital In” and “Digital Out” experiences, the challenge is to find a unified platform which can support the demands from investors, operations and regulators. Capital Alpha is a “Broker-In-A-Box” solution which provides:

  • Omnichannel trading experience for the investor through contextual trading, backed by research and analytics
  • Ensured compliance through a real-time and integrated pre and post-trade risk management
  • Increased efficiency of operations through a comprehensive back-office,combining clearing & settlements, fees & commissions, corporate actions, reports and interfaces to market entities

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Why Capital Alpha?

Capital Alpha is a single platform that powers customers to increase their client footprint rapidly and improve STP index significantly through speed and by leveraging multi-asset, multi-market trading, risk management and back office on an integrated platform. An integrated back office empowers the firm, allowing its investors to take advantage of online position updates – whether it is stock or cash. Some of the key features of Capital Alpha includes:

Order Management

Risk Management

Back Office



Product Highlights


Multi-asset, multi-market, and multi-currency solution

Capital Alpha provides a multi-asset, multi-market and a multi-currency solution, which allows the brokerage houses to scale up their business, supporting both domestic and cross-border trading for retail and institutional clients.


Flexible Deployment

The product offers flexible deployment options of on-premise, as a managed service offering combining IaaS and SaaS through a hosted infrastructure, or as a SaaS offering through a stock exchange private cloud.


Modular Architecture

Modular and decoupled nature of architecture allows brokerages to easily deploy part of the solution on a need basis, with API-based interfaces to existing IT systems.

Product Features



An integrated front, mid and back office, facilitating cost reduction of up to 20%.


Platform Economy

Infrastructure cost reduction by 30%.



Ready adapters to exchanges, clearing houses and depositories, cutting down implementation time by 30%.



STP index>95% – Removes redundancies in processes and systems.



Riding the tech wave, encompassing cloud deployment, RPA and AI with omnichannel access.



Instant account opening, instant order entry, instant buying power, instant cancel/square-off with real-time MTM – Rapid Trading.


Minimise Risk

Central and real-time risk management and monitoring functions.


Low Latency

Co-location-ready technology, providing latency of < 100 micro secs.

Technology Architecture


Awards and Accolades


Profiled amongst leading providers of Intelligent Automation Solutions @ Celent report titled , ‘Intelligent Automation in Capital Markets – New Tools for a smarter Middle and Back Office’


Profiled amongst major vendors in the OMS & EMS space at Celent report titled, ‘The Battle for the Last Mile Of Trading – An OMS/EMS Vendor Spectrum’


Profiled amongst major trade and market surveillance solution providers @ Aite report titled, ‘Intelligent Oversight: Trade and Market Surveillance for 2020 and Beyond’


Profiled among Top Vendors who are Improving Automation with Innovative Technology in Celent report, ‘Reimagining Reconciliation in Capital Markets: Improving Automation with Innovative Technology’

Waters Technology Asia Awards 2020

Winner in the best ‘Front to Back Office integration’ category

Asian Banking & Finance Awards 2019

BDO Nomura wins the award for the ‘Best Online Retail Trading Platform’

Did you know?

Our FX platform generates a daily flow of $10.7 trillion across 52 international legal entities of one of the world’s largest banks:

That’s the combined GDP of Germany, India, U.K. and Australia.

Our software enables central banks in 10 countries to serve 25% of the world’s population:

1.95 bn humans.

Our eService portal helps India’s largest life insurance provider to serve 400 mn customers seamlessly:

The combined population of Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, Spain and UAE.

Our transaction systems, in one UK bank alone, determine the movement of $5 trillion every month:

That’s 24 times the value of China’s exports.

Our origination software helps issue 40% of all credit cards in India:

The market share of Android phones globally.

Across over 60 nations, 23% of MNC cross-border sweeps are processed by our systems:

That’s Saudi Arabia’s market share of crude oil reserves among OPEC countries.

Over 50% of corporate collections in India, Middle East and North Africa go through our systems:

That’s almost as much as USA’s market share of global stock markets.

Our Prestigious Clients

We value our clients and are committed to provide innovative solutions for all their needs


Success Stories

Koichi Katakawa, President

BDO Nomura

“We wanted to revamp and modernise our securities trading business. Our goal is to become one of the premier securities brokerage firms in the Philippines by providing online trading services for local and international stocks to investors. Intellect was the only technology partner to have successfully demonstrated an integrated seamless data flow between Front Office, Mid Office and Back Office management. We are sure that iPMS from OneMARKETS will help with the firm’s 10X growth aspirations in three years.”

- MD. MazbahUddin

“The Intellect solution hosted in our private cloud as an end to end integrated platform, serves all of our brokers as a comprehensive trading platform with rule based risk management. It has also helped the members to extend their investors to access in all omni-channel accesses like web browser, mobile and tablet devices. Because of the robustness of the architecture and the quality of the deliverables, we should say that we have faced near to zero errors over the past 7 years. The team’s support is really commendable, continuously over these years and we are really happy to be associated with Intellect”




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