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We are looking for mavericks that have a passion for technology, are eager to learn from the best minds in the industry, want to get their hands dirty and enjoy working outside their comfort zone in a rapidly changing business & technology environment. If this matches your professional ambition, then come join us.

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Freedom to Explore

We foster a team of people who are hungry to learn and eager to share knowledge. There is something for everyone - exploring the latest technology, using a variety of tools and finding alternate ways to build.

Passion for Design

'Our UX teams do it all – from research, concept, interaction design to interface design and development support. We listen to and empathise with the users, test hypothesis & build prototypes.

Engineers by Heart

For every engineer, releasing software is a practice of continuous evolution. Intellect is an environment of experimentation and adaptation, where you will work with like-minded team members.

Engineering Culture

We have mastered lean and agile practices. We work in small cross-functional and co-located squads. Our engineers and designers collaborate continuously – to release early and often. Releasing rock-solid.

Life at Intellect!

We foster a great culture of creativity and innovation with talented employees from over 30 nationalities. With 175+ product installations in more than 70 banks serving clients in 85 countries, the world is our playground.



We nurture an open and collaborative work culture with a passion to take the banking industry forward. We are a breed of talented and determined individuals committed to grow and evolve together.


Our team of researchers and designers create designs, test hypothesis and build prototypes to deliver solutions that you are looking for.


Our vision and goals drive us to innovate together.


We conduct regular workshops to co-create ideas that drive efficiency and deliver impact across businesses.


We experiment and engage with like-minded people to create designs and processes for a better tomorrow.


We believe you evolve every day at work. That’s why we explore latest technologies, to overcome challenges and discover new ways of problem-solving.


We know how to take a break from work and indulge in fun to achieve a healthy work-life balance.


We sharpen our skills on the job so that we continue to develop and deliver products, services and experiences that address your needs.

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If there is synergy, you will be invited to present your skills with a simple development or UX design test and meet senior people that you will work with. We will proudly show you our award-winning products and answer any questions that you have.

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