Risk Analyst

Improve underwriting decisions using enhanced Risk Analysis,
powered by thousands of data sources

Data and Insights Platform

The Intellect Promise

Intellect’s Risk Analyst can uncover 10x more insights on company, people and insured items. It is an AI and ML-based solution that enriches structured and unstructured data to helps commercial insurance companies unearth 360° intel on any entity.


  • 3000+ data points and 800+ insights out of the box
  • Transparency of source (insights)
  • Sophisticated triangulation algorithms with line specific guidance for underwriters to pay attention to insights that actually matter
  • New data connectors can be rolled out in 1 week
  • Dynamic and custom data packages can be rolled out in a few hours – 3 days
  • Use headless or standalone with UI
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Product Highlights
Intellect’s Risk Analyst

Intellect’s Risk Analyst

Intellect’s Risk Analyst identifies risk factors from hundreds of structured and unstructured sources including line-specific guidance to ensure underwriters pay attention to insights that actually matter. We also integrate with the carrier analytics engine/DWH to pick up context sensitive alerts and promptly relay it back to the underwriter. These can be done in a synchronous mode.

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