85% uplift in intra-day ANZ transfers.

320 live liquidity structures.

Over 140% increase in transaction volumes.

That’s how ANZ sets their benchmarks for successful Corporate Banking.

Six years ago ANZ embarked on a mission to become a regional leader in Asia-Pacific with the aim of strengthening its presence as a cash and liquidity management provider across the region. As an ‘AA’ rated bank, ANZ had the strength and capability to support potential clients in the region. Nevertheless, building a presence in Asia-Pacific was not easy – especially given the number of competitors already established in the region, combined with customer expectations for sophisticated technology solutions.

The bank’s business objectives for the overall strategy to be implemented included increasing the regional customer base, increasing transaction volumes while reducing costs, improving visibility and control of funds, automating cross-border liquidity structures and minimizing operational risk of the bank’s customers. Accomplishing these goals required not only an aggressive growth strategy, but also a significant commitment to technology upgrades.

Intellect – Powering Growth Aspirations

ANZ carried out extensive research into potential partners and solutions. They identified Intellect’s Global Transaction Banking platform as the one that would enable them to meet customer requirements and achieve their strategic goals in Asia-Pacific. By adopting Intellect’s market leading Liquidity Management solution, ANZ is now serving a growing number of corporate customers in Asia-Pacific.

Would you like to how ANZ realized its aspiration in this highly competitive market and what the bank’s leadership have to say? We invite you to read the story