After setting the high standards in 20+ countries in Europe for one of the top 5 global banks, Intellect OneTREASURY’s America story begins with a bang. OneTREASURY, brings together 16 legal entities of this global bank (New York and Canada) on a single platform, covering cash flows of USD 270 Billion+ across 10 currencies.

This was done replacing a leading provider’s existing platform. This marquee bank, goes live with Intellect OneTREASURY’s front and mid office solution for Money Markets and Fixed Income.

Key areas of Pain (pre implementation)
  • Absence of a consolidated Risk Sheet across multi – currencies and branches – Not an Integrated View
  • Position Transfer were not Real Time – Used to take one hour
  • Manual intervention for squaring of positions – Not Real Time
  • Maintaining disparate systems resulting in higher TCO and increased operational complexity
  • Inability to quickly meet new reporting demands of regulators
  • Inability to respond to changing market/ client demands
Post Implementation
  • Bringing down Deal Booking speed to less than a second.
  • Enables trader to view risk exposures in real time.
  • Over 96% reduction in position consolidation time
  • Real time on-line visibility of positions and risk
  • Maintaining a single integrated risk and treasury solution, reduces TCO and operational complexity.
  • With auto squaring , rules can be pre-defined and offsetting trades can be automatically executed to close-out out positions.
  • Transaction by transaction, intraday liquidity monitoring by real time risk monitors.
Incoming interfaces 

Trades – Global loans(Flexcube), PO2/OLI, FI Sweeps, Corp Sweeps Rates – Hamper, Credit limits Enables the multi channel trade flows from disparate portals (corporate clients) to Intellect OneTREASURY seamlessly

Outgoing interfaces 

QLM (BO), Simpliciti/RTR (Risk projections) Improved STP to back office and risk management real time.

Business Benefits
  • GROUP TREASURER can see compliance and liquidity by grouping the sensitivity and liquidity into single currency across all the legal entities. Improved Operational Efficiency, compliance with on-line limits monitoring and profitability across branches
  • New system supported historical cash flow analysis and liquidity stress testing leading to more accurate forecasting
  • Instantaneous Position Transfers
  • Automated Auto Squaring of Positions with User Definable Rule engine for Auto Squaring to close-out positions without wasting any time.
  • Call Notice Feature will help manage better the customer Call accounts hence facilitating better liquidity and interest on Call accounts.
  • Blotter for Fed Funds will help manage better the liquidity in Federal Reserve NOSTRO.
  • Facility of Bulk booking of deals including bulk amendments help initiate bulk actions from spreadsheets
  • Pre Termination without splitting of Trades
Operational Benefits
  • Auto refresh of Risk Blotter results in time saving and facilitates timely decision making.
  • Combined Risk Sheet helps better compliance to the regulatory and cash flow limits
  • Templates for Deal Booking help book: Enables the dealer to book trades in 2 clicks eliminating manual errors.
  • Simplification of deal entry process and instantaneous transfer of positions across desks
  • EOD processing time which used to be an overnight affair, drastically reduced to around 30 mins
Best Practices during Implementation
  • Mimicking deal booking through the front end on migrated data, to iron out issues pre production
  • Reuse of existing Data Migration Scripts/Programs
Powerfully leveraging risk for business advantage

Intellect OneTREASURY provided the client with a real-time view of position & risk related information across branches. Real-time information enables CFOs to create strategies to leverage performance across the entire balance sheet.

  • Accurate, timely and intelligence-driven Risk Data enhances Decision Making:
  • Crisis Situations can be foreseen by analysing risk concentrations
  • Improved assessment of portfolios for superior performance management

Enables traders to proactively identify and report concern areas to top management iRTM, the Risk, Treasury & Capital markets arm of Intellect, is proud to be running the largest Treasury in the world with zero downtime for over a decade. Adding Americas is the one of the finest bow in its quiver full of top tier clients.