With Intellect Risk Analyst, underwriters could soon have 70% more time on their hands. What better time to start an obscure, artisanal hobby?



When Intellect Risk Analyst frees up 70% of your time, take up whittling.

It’s slow and it’s painstaking. So, it ticks all the boxes. Plus, imagine the kind of people you’ll meet on a Reddit whittling thread. When you’re whittling a log of wood, you get a strange feeling that you’re whittling away time. And you are!

The Aforementioned Ham Radio Project

Underwriting Solutions


Pagers will probably become retro hip again in a few years. But for now, there’s ham radio. And you could use up a whole lot of time studying for the multiple choice test that you’ll have to pass to get a license.


Underwriting Software

You can’t hurry yeast, and since you don’t need to either, it’s a match made in heaven. Imagine the hours you’ll while away waiting for optimum fermentation. Ah, happy days.

Stone Balancing

When Intellect Risk Analyst frees up 70% of your time, balance your stones.

Yep, this is a thing now. And even if you’re a bit late to this party, don’t worry. The people who got here ahead of you are still on their first stone so…


Risk Analyst Solution

There’s a buzz around this one. The good part is, you’ll get to spend a lot of time outdoors without having to play a sport. This could be your sweet spot!

Intellect Risk Analyst reduces underwriting time by 70%, leaving your underwriters with more time to devote to more complex aspects of underwriting. It also increases underwriting profit by 15%.

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