Commitment to the

Bringing sustainability to the mainstream.

Embedding conservation in core operations

We believe in going green – sustainable green. As a responsible corporate citizen, we are committed not only to environmental protection and continual improvement in compliance with legal regulations and other requirements, but in wholesome sustainability. Our Environmental Sustainability Policy, which stems from our corporate DNA, ensures conservation of energy and resource and minimal damage to the natural environment due to business or operational requirements.

Our vision reflects that real sustainability lies in collective ability to share resources equitably – not just within the organisation, but as a society. In fact, as a partner to leading global banks, we strongly urge our clients to drive ‘sustainable banking’, which is all about good governance, effective risk management and proactive environmental intervention.

Action, not mere words

Our belief in green IT initiatives goes beyond mere virtualisation or in configuring laptops and desktops to go to ‘Sleep mode’ when not in long-term use. It delves deeper into our day-to-day modus operandi in all we do, leveraging infrastructure optimally. This is seen in the efficient use of all our Development Centers across the world for storage, management and dissemination of data in which mechanical, lighting, ventilation and air conditioning, electrical and computer systems are hardwired for maximum energy efficiency and minimal negative environmental impact.

An overview of activities carried out by administration towards its Sustainable Environmental Policy – Specific to Strategic:

  • All-in-one desktops for employees that integrates systems’ internal components into the same case as the display, allowing for easier portability and a smaller footprint; this has significantly reduced the carbon footprint and resulted in greater power savings compared to the earlier traditional model desktops.
  • Increased utilisation of internal collaboration platform – Unmail – in preference to e-mails. This has cut down the use of emails, especially for broadcasts.
  • Utilisation of solar water heaters for cooking and washing needs in the food court in our Engineering Campus.
  • Utilisation of food waste to generate biogas in our Engineering Campus Food Court.
  • Campus lighting through solar street lamps, integrated with solar panels and storage batteries.
  • Operation of the Nxt Lvl facility will shortly be through 100% wind power.

Spreading the message to the clients

The 8012 FinTech Design Center, the world’s first design center, exclusively for financial institutions is unique for one more reason – the Green Energy Room. This is a fully operational center, powered solely by a 4 KVA wind turbine and 3 KVA solar photo-voltaic panels. It emphatically drives the idea across to visiting clients that tomorrow’s energy will definitely be renewable.

And finally, we also think of futuristic, environmental Financial Technology products. A case in point is FT Grid – our cloud-based Financial Technology solution. This highly scalable solution allows savings of up to 85% on energy consumption and associated carbon dioxide emissions!

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