Contextual Business Experience – Insurance(CBX-I)

An omnichannel Insurance Sales & Service Suite.

Platform Overview

CBX-I is a game-changer in life insurance solutions – a single platform for 3 channels: Agent, Direct-2-Consumer (D2C) and Service Center.

In today’s landscape, every insurance provider (irrespective of business size) requires competitive technology to provide a ‘synonymous user experience’ across each pre and post-issue interactions with their customers.

CBX-I is a comprehensive omnichannel insurance sales and services solution that levels the playing field and helps lift you out of legacy limitations to ultimately expand your customer portfolio and improve your customer loyalty.

Product Highlights

Everything a modern life insurance company needs


Lead Closer

CBX-I Lead Closer app is an insurance-specific Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered Customer Relationship Management (CRM) app that enables insurance agents to sell the ‘right’ product to the ‘right’ prospect at the ‘right’ time. Furthermore, it enables insurance agents to manage leads intelligently by prioritising activities for swiftly converting a lead into a customer.

This includes information uploads (manual & automated), lead process initiations, lead engagement, analysis & qualification along with customer acquisition management. Lead Closer is built with APIs and microservices that integrate with your calendars, document management & administrative systems.

Need Analysis

Needs Analysis

CBX-I’s Needs Analysis app is a unique goals and risk profile-based ‘product recommendation’ tool, equipped with triggers for cross-selling and upselling new products to your prospects and customers in real-time.

This enables insurance agents to ‘win better’ with opportune moments to upsell or cross-sell products with real-time recommendations during their interactions.


Quote and Illustration

CBX-I’s Quote & Illustration app creates engaging interfaces, compatible across multiple devices, enabling insurance agents and their customers to easily compare life insurance policy-related information across various products and premiums.

Detailed illustrations provide a guideline for your customers to gain comfort with their policy options and help them make an informed decision. When used as an ‘a-la-carte’ solution, the solution easily integrates with the existing CRM or e-App systems. Pre-fill functions and the ability to use your own calculation engines maximise the potential of your existing assets and consequently harmonise your customer experience.



CBX-I’s e-App provides one platform across all product lines for both your insurance agents and direct-online channels. It is fully integrated with all downstream systems including Lead Closer CRM, Needs Analysis and Quote & Illustrations for maximised application pre-fill. Get a seamless user experience to process even the most complicated applications within minutes. You can start on one device and complete on another, without losing any information. The app features automated underwriting, dynamic rendering of information and underwriting questions based on real-time user responses (reflexive capabilities), digital signatures and third-party integrations to medical, pharmaceutical, and payment vendors. Rule-driven STP can be triggered for initial payment of premium within the same session if all acceptance criteria are met, or a workflow is triggered for underwriter review and decision. Agent statements are intrinsic to e-App.


Profile Management

CBX-I features a comprehensive profile management system with dedicated dashboards for an agent’s or customer’s portfolio.

Your insurance agents can manage their personal profile, business & customer portfolio, performance and market analytics, get alerted on actionable items for lead conversion, and get notifications on their customers for cross-sell & upsell opportunities.

Customers can manage their personal profile, holdings’ portfolio across products, view policies and endorsements, beneficiary details, claims status, communication history, payment history and more. The system, when deployed in integration with our Customer Servicing app, creates Straight-Through Processing (STP) ability for post-issue servicing, based on your workflow.

Customer Servicing

CBX-I’s Customer Service app primarily enables three types of services – Agent-led service management, Service center-led management or Client Self-Service, and triggers real-time processing of in-force policy endorsements, claims and terminations.

Financial endorsements include fund transfers, fund allocations, loans, withdrawals, surrenders, payment mode changes and more. Non-financial endorsements include beneficiary changes, changes in payment methods, statement requests and more. Furthermore, the solution is intuitive to divert workflow toward human intervention when required.

Both your customers and insurance agents can get real-time updates to their ‘devices of choice’ and can collaborate seamlessly with your Customer Service Representative (CSR) for a ‘continuous experience’. The feature also enables a state-of-the art, 24×7 customer experience, while reducing servicing costs and improving client satisfaction, all in one go.


Product Launcher

CBX-I’s Product Launcher is a configuration app that enables technology savvy business users to create, configure and launch new products & policies with no IT involvement.

Reduce time to market on new products by simply cloning existing products and configuring for deltas quickly. It is an easily configurable low code citizen application that allows you to configure a product once and enable it across all active channels immediately.

New products or variations of products for specific campaigns can be automatically rendered on all customer-facing client and agent systems making your business truly agile in the modern competitive landscape.

Product Features

With Intellect SEEC’s technology, you can build and configure as per your needs. Our platform comes with a bundle of apps which can be used individually or in combination.


One Platform

With a single, unifying platform you can go-to market quickly, integrate back office and  external systems through 180+ pre-built APIs and microservices, and simplify your IT environment.  Clients have seen a 50-60% head start on their integration projects. 



Cloud-first apps reduce your total cost of ownership while increasing performance and scalability, enabling you to innovate rapidly. Multi-tenancy allows proprietary branding for your distribution and partner channels. 



Our agile approach ensures quicker release of capabilities. Seamless deployments save you from business  downtime and painful release cycles.

Intelligent Automation

Artificial Intelligence-powered non-linear automation takes operational efficiency to the next level. It ensures Straight-Through-Processing for even the most complex business scenarios. Domain-trained interactive technologies seek human intervention when negative intent and sentiments are received.


Business and IT in Partnership

This is a win-win for business and technology. Business capabilities are rendered quickly and in alignment with business strategy. Technology stays relevant with architecture that is built to scale and is agile and future-proof.

Awards and Accolades


Intellect’s CBX-I profiled among Prominent Life Illustration systems in Celent’s Global edition (EMEA, APAC & LATAM) report titled “Life Insurance Illustration Systems: Global Edition – 2020 Vendor Spectrum”


Intellect SEEC profiled among vendors in Agent Portal Solution in Celent’s Life & Annuity Report – Agent Portal: A Window to Digital Insurance – A Vendor Scan: Life & Annuity Editio

Did you Know?

CBX-I is the only comprehensive software that delivers exponential results across new business and servicing operations for advisors, customer service representatives and customers. With this AI-powered platform, advisors, contact center representatives and customers can engage and transact seamlessly across devices in real time and out of-the-box.

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