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Vol - 08 | May, 2022


Accelerating the next wave of digital transformation

In today’s competitive financial landscape, an organisation’s competence to expand its agility has turned into a vital prerequisite in the industry. There is an increasing need now, more than ever, for global financial institutions to converge on new technology that will keep them ahead of the times.

Arun Jain

In this state of perpetual reinvention, we, at Intellect, ensure that our exponential technology founded on deep domain expertise, with its customer-centric approach, supports any financial institutions’ desire to relook, reinvent and adapt to a constantly changing ecosystem.

Our technology is here to adapt to new age digital disruption and expedites development, eliminates repeatable processes and integrates different tools to ensure a seamless road to digitalisation.

Successful digital acceleration requires an agile implementation approach, which is where our expertise comes in. Our key differentiator, Design Thinking is pivotal to accelerating digital journeys for our customers.

Currently, we accelerate digital transformations for our customers 40 percent faster than the other players in the market. Our innovative tech based advanced solutions help organisations enjoy automated processes, simplified solutions, enhanced customer experience and thriving business results. We do this with our MACH compliant digital stack, 300+ fine grained PBCs, 900+ APIs and low code technology that helps exponential acceleration and predictable implementation.

Intellect has become the essential technology partner for this era of disruption. We give our customers the digital advantage to innovate and go to markets faster. We keep an eye out for the unstated needs of not only our customers, but their end customers as well with our focus on persona based customer engagement leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

The modern customer expects financial services to be digitally convenient, contextualised and integrated seamlessly into their everyday lives. And that is what Intellect does; we enable financial institutions to curate superlative experiences to merchants, channel-partners and end customers across the entire spectrum of banking.

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Arun Jain

Cover Story

Intellect Convergence 2022 - Accelerating Your Digital Journey

Recognising how Intellect is accelerating digital journeys for customers globally with Composable, Contextual and Cloud Technology

Intellect Convergence 2022

Intellect Convergence, Intellect’s flagship global customer connect event was held on 22nd February 2022, with our trusted customers, leading financial institutions, partners and our tech leaders, all coming together to spark conversations on the technology of the future and to witness the role Intellect is playing in accelerating digital journeys.

Our tech leaders deep dived into various technology trends and how we are harnessing them ahead of time with our contextual, composable and could-native technologies. Through Convergence, we not only deciphered the tectonic technology shifts in the financial world, but also, set a cartographic view for the financial industry from a technology and business perspective.

A wide range of topics were addressed at this year’s Convergence including curating superlative experiences in Digital Consumer Banking, fuelling growth in Treasury, importance of context in Transaction Banking transformations and RM backed Wealth helping customers among many others. Our customers also came forward with testimonies on how Intellect’s exponential technology has helped them in their digital transformations, encouraging us to strive further in our mission to give them the digital advantage ahead of their competitors. We are continuously making efforts to take our technologies further, for them to enable and empower the world’s best institutions to do more, with less.

If you have missed being a part of this exciting global event, we have got you covered. Catch every moment from Convergence 2022 now, by clicking here.

Product Launches, Enhancements & Partnerships

We strive to design the best-of-class products, which are contextual and help our customers succeed. Here is what is new at Intellect!

Intellect Global Transaction Banking launches Virtual Account Management 2022 as a SaaS offering

Intellect Global Transaction Banking launches Virtual Account Management 2022 as a SaaS offering

With VAM 2022 as a SaaS offering, banks can now offer powerful reconciliation services, enable robust payment factories, and enable clients to manage third-party accounts, thereby allowing its corporate clients to create and operate fully-fledged in-house banks.

Intellect Global Transaction Banking launches

Intellect Global Transaction Banking launches is an Artificial Intelligence powerhouse platform for trade finance, enabling the extraction, validation, remediation and enrichment of machine-readable data whilst radically reducing the time, cost and risk traditionally associated with manual compliance checks. It puts banks, corporates, and their users ahead of the game to drive extreme paperless trade efficiencies.

Recent Successes & Implementation

Every new customer and every new implementation is a milestone in our success journey. Here is a round-up on all the new customers who have embraced us and also the implementations that we have completed for our existing customers!

Resources: Webinars, Whitepapers & Blogs

Explore our resources to see proof of the value we add to our customers’ operations and growth journeys.

Industry Watch

Stay up to date with what is happening in the world of FinTech, with the latest research and articles.

Collaboration between banks and fintechs can bring faster speeds to the international payments space

In the not-too-distant past, oversight of cross-border payments – in terms of their status and the associated handling fees – was limited and updates were difficult to access and slow to arrive.

This was, in part, due to the need for often long chains of correspondent banks to shift the money from a region the payer’s bank operated in to one outside its direct network. This created a process-heavy and costly operation, with each bank incurring its own paperwork and fees.

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Industry leaders predict massive changes in banking by 2025

Banking’s future is shaping up to be dramatically different – in as few as three years. According to a survey of financial institution leaders worldwide, customer experience improvements, competitive changes, and an accelerated flight to digital channels, along with several surprising additional factors, will massively transform the industry.

The pace of change in banking is already startling. Financial institutions are working overtime to leverage digital transformation for increased efficiencies, improved experiences and revised business models.

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Exploring exciting developments in the fintech industry expected in 2022

2021 was the year for fintech growth. After hitting $17.7bn in fintech investments in just the first half of the year, experts predict that 2022 profits could double as the industry continues to evolve.

In fact, the Global Financial Services (GFS) market is predicted to reach a whopping $26.5 trillion by the end of 2022, making this year the most successful to date as a huge number of fintech IPOs, M&A’s, and all new unicorns continue to take centre stage.

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