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Vol - 12 | January, 2023


Looking forward to the big 2023!

It’s a pleasure to start the new year by wishing everyone a happy and prosperous one. May all your aspirations and goals come true and may you be blessed with good health and abundance.

Arun Jain

Looking back, 2022 has been an impressive year for us, with the unveiling of Consumerisation of Commercial Banking (COCB) at Sibos 2022, multiple successful implementations and receiving several accolades. We are excited to continue our journey of revolutionizing the fintech industry in 2023.

As digital adoption becomes the norm, delivering outstanding customer experience remains at the core of our business. Keeping this in mind, we are thrilled to announce the launch of Intellect Marketplace in partnership with AWS, as part of BankTech Wave 5. We are committed to continuously bring innovations that are contextual to the era of Technology 5.0 and are powered by AI/ ML/ data technologies, to enable faster decision-making and a customer-centric approach.

We are also delighted to announce the launch of our award-winning credit technology platform, iKredit 360 in India as part of the Intellect Marketplace, after its successful launch in Europe. iKredit360 is a comprehensive and composable credit technology platform that enables you to curate unique credit experiences for merchants, channels-partners, and end consumers. The platform is already being used by some of the leading banks in India as a credit marketplace platform to drive their digital transformation.

As we celebrate last year’s successes, we are eager for the possibilities that the new year brings and look forward to achieving more milestones.

Warm Regards,

Arun Jain

Cover Story

BankTech Wave 5: Charting the course for the future of finance

The future of banking and financial institutions is rapidly evolving in a VUCA world, and it’s more important than ever to foster a strong learning culture that can help organizations navigate the unpredictable landscape ahead. One of the most important dimensions of this future is the transformative relationship between AI, Cloud, and Data.

The bond between these three technologies results in competitive advantages that accelerate processes and procedures, making not only our organizations but also our industry as a whole more strategically competitive and technologically well-structured. By leveraging this convergence, we can create robust, assertive, and well-defined businesses of the future, where the need for contextual and composable platforms, tailored to each organization, becomes a critical component in the journey towards customer-centric marketplace leadership.

To drive this vision forward, Intellect is proud to announce the launch of its new thought leadership forum, BankTech Wave 5. This invitation-only forum will bring together banking and financial leaders who are a voice to reckon with, to collectively work, debate, and deliberate on themes that will help maximize efficiency, enhance effectiveness, generate exponential growth, and create customer delight through the effective use of banking and financial technology.

Under the aegis of BankTech Wave 5, Intellect will host exclusive events on future tech, closed-door knowledge sessions, inspirational talks, and informal networking opportunities, working on an advanced calendar schedule. The objective is to create a convergence of leadership ideas that will make a difference, and accelerate the transformation journey of India’s financial system.

Stay Tuned as we will be sharing the Live Updates on our Social Channels on 21st Feb 2023.

Product Launches, Enhancements & Partnerships

IntellectAI teams up with InsureMO

IntellectAI teams up with InsureMO® to offer a fully integrated AI-enabled underwriting and policy admin technology suite

This partnership combines InsureMO®’s rich insurance APIs/Microservices with Intellect’s Xponent Underwriter workbench to offer a complete underwriting solution for Commercial lines carriers and MGAs looking to replace their existing policy admin system or accelerate their digital transformation by implementing automated underwriting with integrated policy admin services.

IntellectAI announces the launch of iESG

IntellectAI announces the launch of iESG, a global ESG solution designed for financial institutions

IntellectAI announced the launch of iESG, the latest addition to its line of AI-powered solutions for institutional investors, asset managers, corporate banks, and insurance carriers. Intellect, the global fintech leader, continues to be at the forefront of transformation in insurance and financial services -by creating a solution designed to meet the demand for companies to manage their Environment Social Governance (ESG) risks. Intellect continues to push these historic industries ahead with solutions using innovative technologies to meet the changing demands, while also understanding that sustainability has become a priority for many companies.

Recent Successes & Implementation

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Industry Watch

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India’s payment landscape: Outlook for 2023

The year 2022 has been a stellar one for the Indian payment landscape. As we now turn our sights towards the year 2023, one of the major trends expected in the new year revolves around the emergence and growth of open-loop prepaid cards which offer overall convenience to consumers. We will also see the sustained growth and renewed expansion of ATMs.

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2023 Outlook: The Year of Real-Time Data-Driven Treasury

As treasury departments around the world look ahead to 2023, the words on most lips are “real-time.” Heading into 2023, regulators are putting wind in the sails of instant payments and further encouraging their widespread adoption. For example, the European Commission recently announced plans to mandate all EU banks to offer instant SEPA debit transactions at the same cost as regular SEPA payments.With the right data set-up, you can get to efficiencies and effectiveness that can enable organizations to take actions in ways they couldn’t before — and reduce [operational] loss and leakage.

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How will fintech emerge in 2023?

Financial services remained one of the leading sectors for venture investment in 2022 despite an overall pullback in venture funding and shockwaves in the crypto industry. In 2023, fintech is expected to remain strong while securing India as the home of financial innovation. The domestic fintech sector is poised to reach $1 trillion in AUM and $200 billion in revenue by 2030, according to an EY report. This puts India in a unique position to lead a renewed spirit of innovation in fintech.

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