ESG Edge: Pioneering the Next Wave of Corporate Risk Analysis with Generative AI for Socially Responsible Investing

Chennai, India, November 3, 2023IntellectAI, the WealthTech and Insurtech of Intellect Design Arena driven by advanced AI-led solutions is delighted to announce that ESG Edge has earned its place in the ESGFinTech100 list by FinTech Global. This recognition underscores ESG Edge’s pivotal role in ushering in a new wave of corporate risk analysis in addressing climate risk, sustainability, social responsibility, and governance challenges, aligning with Intellect’s Cognitive Enterprise approach that underscores the transformative potential of Generative AI technology within the financial sector.

ESG Edge stands as a testament to the Cognitive Enterprise approach, which leverages Generative AI capabilities to empower financial institutions and institutional investors with accurate and custom ESG insights for their entire portfolio of companies. This solution addresses not only climate risk, sustainability, and governance challenges but also the broader concept of social responsibility within the financial landscape. ESG Edge extracts and analyses contextually relevant information from vast volumes of new feeds and disparate unstructured sources, providing comprehensive data source lineage and auditability. Moreover, it offers clients the flexibility to create their own customisable ESG data rating frameworkand access tailored responses to their unique questions, enhancing precision and adaptability.

ESG Edge empowers institutional investors Leveraging advanced AI technology, The ESGFinTech100 list highlights the top 100 tech innovators for financial institutions seeking to enhance their ESG evaluation and advancement strategies. A panel of industry experts and analysts evaluated over 500 ESG tech companies based on their innovative use of technology and impact on ESG imperatives and sustainability enhancements for clients.

Banesh prabhu“Inclusion in the ESGFinTech100 is a testament to ESG Edge’s ability to deliver precise ESG and media reputation insights with advanced AI for Cognitive Enterprises empowering institutional investors to make sound investment decisions as per client’s goals. ESG Edge has successfully tackled issues such as transparency and access to trusted data. We take a more holistic approach to ESG information, rather than just looking at the financial risk ratings, which often tend to be a little reactive. Looking forward, we are committed to democratising ESG data access, simplifying data accessibility by enabling investors to ask bespoke questions from the presented data, and creating user-friendly visual platforms. Our goal is to revolutionise ESG data engagement, enabling more informed, sustainable investment decisions.” said Banesh Prabhu, CEO of IntellectAI.

FinTech Global’s director, Richard Sachar, commented, “With the impending deadline of ESRS and many other ESG regulations currently in the works around the world, it is clear that ESG is not a passing phase. Pressures are only going to increase for financial institutions, and greenwashing will bring financial and reputational damage.”

IntellectAI’s Cognitive Enterprise approach highlights the transformative potential of generative AI technology within the banking sector. This approach emphasises AI’s ability to enhance customer experiences, streamline operational efficiency, and foster innovation, aligning perfectly with the broader theme of leveraging technology for a profound AI-driven transformation in the financial industry.

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