Padmini Sharathkumar

Chief Talent Officer

Padmini Sharathkumar

Padmini is the Chief Talent Officer at Intellect Design Arena Limited.

She comes with two decades of Marketing and Banking experience. At Intellect, she has made a deep impact in every project that she has been involved in, be it transformative HR policies to inspire talent, industry-first campaigns for Global Consumer Banking or as the anchor of multiple major operational deliveries.

Padmini joined Polaris in 2003 and has been an integral part of Intellect’s journey since its inception. She has donned many hats at Intellect. In 2014, when Intellect was a full spectrum financial technology products company, she worked closely with a communication team as the Chief Marketing Officer, and worked on aggressive market strategies for four sub-brands within Intellect. As the Executive Vice President & Head – Business Enablement Group in 2016, she worked closely with the CEO and Business Heads to anchor operations along with Marketing, Branding, Talent and Culture.

Padmini is known to be a culture-shaper through crafting disruptive and unique growth strategies that propel Intellect to be an unstoppable talent hub. Her skills lie in picking up unique and nuanced insights to successfully connect technology to business.

Before joining Intellect, she worked with the Treasury and Technology businesses at American Express, where her Employee Survey Action Team (ESAT) was the recipient of the Chairman’s Award.

She is a dynamic leader with infectious energy who is seen as a role model for women, both inside and outside the organisation.