This SaaS product provides end-to-end security with regard to user identification, authentication, single sign-on and entitlements. Trusted by over 200 financial institutions worldwide, this next-generation security solution improves accuracy and real-time digital identity management.

Key Benefits of ARX Security Solutions:

  • Single Login
  • Enforce Strong Authentication (Multi-Factor Authentication) User Management (Acesss Control)
  • Visibility, Detection and Response

“ARX, is an enterprise-grade service, built for on-premise, but compatible with any cloud deployment. With ARX, IT can manage any employees’ / customers’ access to any application from any device. ARX was built to address the security concerns of over 200 leading financial institutions around the world. The same security suite is now available to enterprises across all industry verticals,” said, Ramanan S V, CEO, Strategic Monetisation, Intellect Design Arena Limited.


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