Asset Liability Management (ALM) plays a critical role in weaving together the different business lines in a financial institution. Managing liquidity and balance sheets are crucial for the existence of a financial institution and sustenance of its operations. The traditional ALM modeling approach has its own limitations due to compromise in accuracy and the use of disparate systems leading to inconsistencies and increased reconciliation costs. Intellect CALM20 uses the next generation of ALM modeling delivered in a framework that enables a consistent approach for modeling assets and liabilities. 

The solution handles both static and dynamic ALM effectively, with various real scenarios as well as stressed and behavioral situations. Most importantly, it addresses regulatory compliance with central bank guidelines in multiple jurisdictions in a timely manner. It provides a complete overview of both sides of the balance sheet in a single platform offering powerful and strategic decision making capabilities that drives competitive advantage adding significant value to the business.

Built on the robust principles of Design Thinking at the R&D Innovation Lab at Intellect, CALM20 value chain is a powerful combination of

  • Coherent Data Fabric for seamless data aggregation
  • 6 Balance Sheet Risk Algorithms providing integrated risk impact
  • Advanced Analytics for informed decision making