The First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB), also the largest bank in the UAE, has expanded its relationship with Intellect by enhancing the bank’s capabilities with iGTB’s Digital Transaction Banking solution(DTB), an intercompany lending and liquidity management solution. With liquidity management now being seen as the key to cash management and vital to retain and attract the largest marquee clients, this move should help FAB achieve its stated aim of improving risk-adjusted returns.

This solution automates the execution of borrowing and lending within the entities of the corporate, tracking of loan agreements, rules and parameters in terms of borrowing capacity, debt structure, repayments, facility limits and more, moving away from all the manual processes. It automates the end-to-end process and legal tracking including comprehensive interest calculation mechanism. The solution will also create the capability for the treasurers and operations heads of the corporates to have an end-to-end single view to manage and optimise the complete process

With iGTB’s inter-company lending capabilities, FAB can now offer in-house banking capabilities to their top corporate client conglomerates.

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