The API uses Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to provide real-time text analysis, and score / measure the contextual emotional response to a product / brand or a service. Contextual sentiment analysis presents all its subscribers with a unique ability to accurately analyse sentiment to deliver better products and services for their customers.

What it offers:

  • Enables customers to securely use the API for text analysis, including how a specific word was used in each context.
  • Allows users to quickly detect sentiments expressed in company reviews, product surveys, social media posts, and other data sources to measure satisfaction and identify trends.
  • Offers real-time text analysis to score the sentiment as “positive”, “negative” or “neutral” and allows insurers, marketers, developers, data scientists, investors, and others to position their products, their brands, or their services better.

Lakshan De Silva Lakshan De Silva, CTO of Intellect SEEC said, “Developers and data scientists can now use contextual sentiment to solve more complex problems, knowing that finally they can accurately read the context, based on any entity.”





More information on Intellect SEEC’s Contextual Sentiment API can be found here