The new logo, new brand and new name bring focus to its innovative use of AI in the marketplace

Intellect SEEC is now rebranded as IntellectAI in alignment with the core of Intellect and the passion of its people – data, AI and design thinking. With a strong footprint in emerging technologies, evolving data and simplifying business complexities through sophisticated AI, the new brand mirrors Intellect’s commitment to its products, its relationships and its teams.

In the past few years, IntellectAI has seen increased investment in the utilisation of AI and big data to profitably handle complex new business and underwriting processes, and provide an engaging and effective next-generation experience.

IntellectAI’s AI cloud platform has been rearchitected with composable architecture and granular capabilities for easy consumption to quickly transform organisations from the digital age to the information age. Its design thinking approach, use of emerging technologies and sophisticated AI models have gained fast-paced acceptance across insurance and financial services. It has placed the company’s AI and ML capabilities at the forefront for solving complex business problems of today with a simple and effective user experience while providing niche capabilities to position companies for the future effectively.