IDC, the premier global analyst firm categorises and evaluates the top global providers of financial technology through this award and has named Intellect Wealth as winner under “Efficiency and Agility” category. Aligning with the bank’s aspiration to be a purely digital bank, Intellect’s digital wealth solution – Wealth Qube – for CIMB Thai, empowered the bank’s Relationship Managers (RMs) to deliver on-the-go advisory with a completely de-desked solution (only tablets).

The wealth platform automated end-to-end functions for the RMs from digital onboarding and guided goal-based investment planning to 360-degree customer view, enabling them to provide superior service to their clients with product recommendations, real-time alerts and cross-sell and upsell opportunities. The omnichannel API-led solution, backed by deep data analytics, integrated seamlessly with multiple disparate systems, providing a single view to the RMs. The implemented solution yielded real business results:

  • Improved RM responsiveness
      • Customers can be serviced from anywhere, anytime with the mobility solution
      • Time taken to open an investment account was significantly reduced Deeper customer engagement –360 degree view of customers enabled RMs in
      • Much faster customer portfolio review Better and lower cost of compliance
      • Lesser mis-selling with real-time alerts
      • Better supervision and guidance for RMs with a supervisor view

It also led to a significant increase in the bank’s fee income, customer base and the speed of customer service. The award reinforces Intellect’s determined efforts to deliver value to its partners and stands as a testament to build solutions that deliver sustained competitive advantage.