The robust Wealth MarketPlace has enabled Intellect Wealth to leverage expertise from its partners and empower Relationship Managers with superior tools. The enhanced solution now has smarter virtual engagement, along with sustainable ESG investment and customer-centric NLG-based portfolio reports.

1. Smarter Virtual Engagement

To more effectively provide a high-touch experience in today’s world, Intellect has partnered with Moxtra’s for virtual advisory services. The solution can simulate proactive, in-person experiences for the client anytime, anywhere.

  • Audio and video calling directly from the platform
  • Screen sharing capability
  • Audit messages and calls with clients
  • Integration with multiple video conferencing service providers

2. Sustainable ESG Investment

Intellect Wealth has developed an advanced ESG solution that leverages AI platform capabilities. It provides multidimensional risk assessments at the portfolio level, to measure environmental, social and governance exposure of portfolios relative to index benchmarks. It provides an efficient and customer-centric ESG investment experience.

  • Accurate and updated information on various factors an ESG portfolio depends on
  • Current portfolio performance, drill-down and analytics
  • Comparison with benchmarks

3. Customer-centric NLG-based Portfolio Reports

For a consistent and objective view of the information in a scalable fashion, Intellect has collaborated with VPhraze for NLG-based portfolio reporting. This solution interprets important facts and creates a story-based report that all audiences can easily understand, no matter how familiar they are with the data itself.

  • Quick portfolio summary
  • Highlight key insights
  • Generate reports with personalised recommendations