The opportunity to revamp the systems was discovered by us at the bank, which is also an existing client. Intellect Wealth upgraded the Front Office Wealth platform of the bank by offering an API-driven, BIAN-compliant digital front office solution.

The Relationship Manager Office to address the cutting-edge needs of the Private Banking customers. RM Office, an omnichannel, mobility first solution empowers the RMs to serve customers anytime and anywhere with features such as a full RM Dashboard, analytics-based customer summaries, functionalities such as real-time alerts, on-the-go meeting scheduler, reports, customer 360-degree view and a 2-click access to all customer information using the proprietary Financial Wellness Spectrum Card. With its modular and API-enabled architecture, the RM Office makes the solution innovation-led and effortlessly scalable allowing the Bank the flexibility to add to the modular functionalities as needed.