Intellect Xponent is upgrading its Intelligent Automation functionality to include the submission intake process using Intelligent Data Extract (IDX).  One of the challenges faced by Intellect’s customers and commercial carriers globally is the dependence on paper submissions, emails and faxes received from their channel partners. Intellect Xponent will now leverage the cognitive intake capabilities of IDX to improve the speed and accuracy of submission data that will allow faster time to quote, improved underwriter decisions and quicker bind time.

With just a company name and address extracted at submission intake or pre-renewal, contextual risk alerts are provided to the underwriter through triangulation of Intellect’s vast connectors. This equips underwriters with the right context and relevant risk insights for quick and accurate decisions.

Xponent, Intellect SEEC’s commercial underwriting product applies the power of machine learning, big data and process orchestration to define the Future of Underwriting