Through this relationship, Liberty Mutual underwriters and risk managers will gain automated access to thousands of third-party data sources including court filings, industry data, government records and social media content. With deeper insights into risks, underwriters can rapidly leverage information to better understand risks and create product solutions which will help customers get better exposure. Intellect SEEC cleans and structures this data to automatically deliver actionable information that helps to quickly identify, underwrite and service the potential accounts. “This approach benefits brokers in three important ways. First, it enhances our ability to understand each potential buyer’s service and product needs, helping them better manage their risk.  Second, by providing an ongoing window into an account, we can identify new needs and work with the broker to suggest customised coverage options and solutions to meet changing business needs.  Finally, access to such a deep source of information on individual companies lets us partner with brokers to proactively identify the specific businesses in their portfolio where we can add value,” says Kelly McLaughlin, Vice President, National Insurance Product & Underwriting Strategy, Liberty Mutual.