Virtual accounts are now simplifying corporate treasury: from basic cash visibility, making and receiving payments, managing complex payables and receivables, virtualizing cash concentration, notional pools, helping reduce overdraft limits and optimizing outstanding credit positions: and in Real-time. What was once seen as an object of convenience to address simple collections management has morphed into an all-encompassing layer that forms a solid framework around the world of cash management as we have traditionally known it.

With speakers from ANZ, Accenture and iGTB, learn the critical things you need for a successful virtual accounts offering. In this webinar we discuss:

  • One solution for many contexts
  • Impact on cash visibility and ability to invest
  • Getting the most bang for your buck


Balaji Natarajan, Head of Payments and Cash Management, Asia, ANZ
Robert Langley, Associate Director, Payments Lead, APAC, Accenture
Balakrishnan Narasimhan, Senior Vice President and Head of Solution Consulting, iGTB

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