• Over 20,000 concurrent connections across 25,000 Distributors, 50,000 Investors, 45 Fund Houses, multiple point of sale centers, all major banks, RTAs and KYC centers
  • Improved quality and reduced cost of execution through a web enabled front end ‘order-routing tool’ to manage client order flow
  • Faster execution through templates auto-filled by retrieving historical data
  • End-to-end connectivity between investors, distributors and Transfer Agents

The client is the Mutual Fund Industry‟s “Shared Services” initiative formed by the Asset Management Companies (AMCs) of SEBI (Securities & Exchange Board of India, the regulator for securities markets in India) registered Mutual Funds under the aegis of AMFI (Association of Mutual Funds of India, an industry standards organization in India in the mutual funds sector), with an objective of investor empowerment, distributor convenience, consolidation of information to various agencies, operational efficiency for RTAs and benefits to AMCs, thereby benefiting all stakeholders in the industry.

The client did not have an existing infrastructure which could enable investors to trade across mutual fund portfolios offered by various fund houses in the nation. The process used by investors to invest in mutual fund schemes involved a lot of paperwork and redundant manual processes, which made it error-prone, cumbersome and complex to manage.

Through the MFU System (powered by Intellect Fund Distribution), the client realized its vision of reaching out to the entire investing customer base through a single implementation. MFU System provided significant benefits to all stakeholders in the Mutual Fund Industry (investors, MF distributors / RIAs and Fund Houses / AMCs). AMCs could effectively leverage MFU system‟s POS (Point of Service) network to extend their reach and presence to previously unreachable locations. MFU system implementation enabled the client, to eliminate duplicities present in the mutual fund investment framework and minimized inherent risks within the Mutual Fund Industry.

The MFU System manages the entire logistics of executing MF transactions, enabling distributors to focus more on providing quality advice to their customers. It provides a single point for time-stamping transactions and eliminates duplication of documentation / processes. MFU System is the winner of the Banking Technology Award for the year 2016 in the „Best Industry Infrastructure Initiative‟ category. This recognition is another feather in the cap for the MFU System whose member AMCs account for about 92 per cent of the industry Assets Under Management (AUM) and about 94 per cent of industry transactions.